Monday, January 14, 2013

NY has tentative deal on guns

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders have a tentative deal to enact the nation's first gun control measure following last month's Connecticut school shooting, according to people familiar with the negotiations, further tightening gun laws in a state that already has among the nation's strictest.
The tentative agreement would further restrict New York's ban on assault weapons and limit the size of magazines to seven bullets, rather than the current 10. Other elements, pushed by Republicans, would refine a mental health law to make it easier to confine people determined to be a threat to themselves or others.
Senate Republicans also have included a further crackdown on illegal gun trafficking into New York, the people said. Most New York City gun crimes involve weapons illegally brought into the state, state and city officials say.
The people spoke on condition of anonymity because the proposal had not been discussed among rank and file legislators. They say the tentative deal was struck over the weekend and will be debated behind closed doors Monday in the Senate and Assembly.


Roswell said...

"Refine mental health law to make it easier to confine those deemed a danger to themselves or others"..... saw that one coming!
So many of the progressive/marxist garbage out there are already calling firearms owners "mentally unfit".

"There's one in the spotlight, he don't look right... get him up against the wall". (Pink Floyd/The Wall)

michigan doug said...

they are not assault weapons, they are semi-automatic rifles that have been around for a hundred years.those fuckers in 1934 let the fucking camels nose under the tent when they should've shot it.