Friday, January 04, 2013

We all needed a break, man.

Today was a joyous occasion for me and everybody at work - it was my last day before I go on vacation. I get a break from work, everybody there gets a break from me.
We've been working a few extra hours during the holidays and it runs hard through about the middle of January and by contract, the last day of work before you go on vacation is a 10 hour day - no overtime. Now, we've worked overtime damned near every day for the past 2 months and I was really looking forward to walking out with everybody else still loading trucks just so I could feel special

I walked into the shipping office at the beginning of my shift to pick up my assignments for the morning, looked at the clock and started in with my routine. "Okay, listen up! Ten hours, 27 minutes (had to figure in my unpaid lunch) to go!" Then every time I walked into the office to pick up paperwork, drop off paperwork, or sign paperwork, I would announce how much time was left on my shift. I'm in and out of that office at least 15-20 times a day so you could see how that shit would get old real quick. My hopes were that they'd get tired of it and let me take off a few hours early. It usually works, but not this time.
By lunchtime, motherfuckers were getting a little tired of it. I walked in and hollered "5 HOURS, 13 MINUTES AND I'M GONE!!!" and got told to fuck off by all the clerks and bosses. Now I'm used to being told to fuck off by ladies, but 4 of them at the same time?
By last break Kevin, the dock boss, gritted his teeth and said "WILL. YOU. PLEASE. SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP???"
"You gonna let me go home early?"
"NO!!! I need your body here. Get your ass back to work. Now."
That fucking stapler hurt, man. No sense of humor at all.....


drjim said...

Enjoy your time off, Ken.

I know how hard you guys work loading trucks, and it's not something I could do.

Grog said...

4 women said that? hahaha, classic!

Yeah, some people just don't appreciate considerate sarcasm, they should watch some johnny carson, it might improve their sense of humor. ;)

WiscoDave said...

Enjoy your time off.
You deserve it.