Friday, January 18, 2013

What if?

To all,
What if people with rifles and shotguns and knives and baseball bats and pistols and swords went on a rampage and killed children in this country and were so demented, so evil and so effective that they murdered one child every 20 seconds...every hour, every day, every month, every year, for four decades.  That would mean that almost 56 million children would never grow up and turn out to be whom God had desired.  
If demented evil individuals did that, this country would be at war.  It would not be allowed.  America would be considered a tyrannical evil country.  The President would not allow it and no one else would either.
And yet..........they do.
The taking of a human life takes place that often and has been since 1973.
Every twenty seconds.

Roe vs. Wade.

If you were God wouldn't you be furious?  Wouldn't you turn your back on the society that continually murders His creations?  Wouldn't you allow that society to learn a lesson?  Wouldn't you allow them to be so afflicted that they would return to Him?
Wouldn't you?
rhm, sr.


  1. Consider that the majority of abortions are now young black girls and women ..... we are being turned into Africa at a much slower rate than would it otherwise be.


  2. Really? One abortion every 20 seconds? Fuck, when you put it that way it really makes you think.

  3. Sorry, but I seriously doubt that is the case. I think far more white girls get abortions. If you can provide some actual statistics that are checkable on black abortions, I'd sure like to see them.

    I think many black girls do what I've seen articles about - have the baby and then give it up to their mother (child's grandmother) or other relative as a foster child, with the income for that foster child being shared between mom and grandma.

    Generations of black women have learned to game the system, thanks to the push on the Left to have them all become dependent on the gov't for support, and voting for the Democrats.

    And the muslims - black, yellow, or whatever - won't abort because demographic jihad by multiple wives and as many babies as possible brings them closer to their universal caliphate.

    I may well be wrong, but given enough time I think America will end up split between a Nuevo Mexico and a muslim North Africa, if it doesn't get awfully bloody before then.

  4. Yeah, I have absolutely no idea about the racial statistics. Doesn't make any difference though - a child is a child.

  5. This post points out the hypocritical and bullshit rhetoric that we constantly hear from the gun-grabbing leftards whenever they want to peddle more of their tyranny on Americans. I don't see how race is relevant to anything regarding this post.

    To sell their tyrannical bullshit, the left always uses the phrase, "to save the children" or "to save one child's life" or insert any other phrase to cause emotional knee-jerk reactions from the masses of dumb motherfuckers out there.

    All you have to do is turn on the news and some puppet on the left is calling for the banning of all semi-auto firearms because it would.........wait for it.......

    ..."save the children"...

    It's straight out of the leftwing playbook, and it's fucking mind boggling to me that anyone alive in the 21st century buys one fucking thing the left tries to sell...

  6. I agree completely that any country that kills that many of God's creations is fucked-we are going to pay the price for this cosmic level immorality.

  7. Here's what I found. It appears that by population, black women do abort 3 times more babies then non-hispanic, white women.

  8. Hello Wirecutter,

    1. Thank you for publishing the comment about current gun control hypocrisy and the "one life" scam from the POTUS. Indeed, if they were serious about "the children" --- let us dump the made up out of nothing "right" to kill unborn children. I've said that to myself and others quite a bit lately. Thanks again.

    DK aka MisterLady27


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