Sunday, February 17, 2013


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Dozens of protesters rallied outside Los Angeles police headquarters Saturday in support of Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer and suspected killer of four who died after a shootout and fire this week at a mountain cabin following one of the biggest manhunts in recent memory.
Protesters told the Los Angeles Times ( ) they didn't support Dorner's deadly methods, but objected to police corruption and brutality, and believed Dorner's claims of racism and unfair treatment by the department. Many said they were angered by the conduct of the manhunt that led to Dorner's death and injuries to innocent bystanders who were mistaken for him.
Michael Nam, 30, who held a sign with a flaming tombstone and the inscription "RIP Habeas Corpus," said it was "pretty obvious" police had no intention of bringing Dorner in alive.
"They were the judge, the jury and the executioner," Nam said. "As an American citizen, you have the right to a trial and due process by law."


You gotta wonder how LAPD brass felt when they came to work and saw how many citizens hate them. And before anybody gives me any shit, I heard the one where the police were talking 'burn the place down like we talked about before'.
He also wasn't a danger to the general public evidenced by the fact that he didn't kill the guy that he stole the car from or the fact that he didn't kill the residents of the cabin he was killed in. He had an agenda and they were the only ones in any kind of danger. LAPD took the law into their own hands and it's pretty fucking evident that LAPD had already sentenced him to death by fire or gunshot.
"But wait, there was proof he was guilty and he admitted doing it" you say. So what, I've admitted to carrying a concealed weapon without a permit. Does that give me a death sentence too? 
"But that's different" you say. How is it different? Where's the line drawn? Who drew that line? Who gave them the authority to draw that line?
The fact of the matter is LAPD has been out of control for a long, long time and it's not just been isolated incidents. You don't believe me? Google LAPD Jump Out Boys to start.


Chris Mallory said...

Nothing but the truth, WC, nothing but the truth.

Fuck Obama
Fuck cops.
Remember the USS Liberty.

1911A1 said...

It isn't just LAPD. What's true there is pretty much the standard of behavior in ANY big city cop shop. They just busted 10 cops from multiple jurisdictions here in Atlanta for taking payoffs to guard drug dealers. If they nailed that many of the dumb ones in one sweep, how many of the smarter ones are still out there? The bigger the department, the bigger the problem.

PioneerPreppy said...

Ya I agree with 1911 above. Not only that but I find a certain smug satisfaction in the fact that the gun grabbers and rights enders are facing off with each other so I am remaining silent on the issue. Let em tear each other apart at this point. I don't care if the LAPD violated Dorner's rights because they do it all the time and no one cares then. Just as I figured the leftist will feel the double edged sword before most of us and now is the time to let them weaken each other a bit.

07HEMI4ME said...

If the SHTF! DONAR just proved that one person can make them squirm..They along with every other police agency in the US will be screwed when it is 1000s or tens of thousands, instead of just one.. :-)

wirecutter said...

My thoughts exactly, PP.

orbitup said...

I listened to most of it as it was going down on my cell phone using a scanner app. They didn't mention the fire when they agreed to go ahead with what they had planned but it was pretty obvious after the fire started that that was the plan.

timbo said...

It is shocking how it's as if this is all perfectly ok with most people and the fucking media.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect when Obama can ignore due process for Americans overseas (of which I am one) and let a 'senior official' decide if they should be killed by a drone strike. You think they aren't planning to use them in the US? DOn't be silly.

Michael in Nelson

Robert Fowler said...

He could have stood naked with his hands up, downtown at high noon and they still would have figured out a way to kill him. His fate was sealed with the first shot. If I was going to go to war against the cops, the last thing I would do is publish a "Manifesto".

07HEMI4ME said it best. If one man can paralyze all of southern Kalifornistan, think what 10 or a hundred could do. Especially if the cops don't know what is going on.

Toejam said...


I thought they were known as "The Gestapo".

thebronze said...

I understand what you're saying, but as a point of order, the LAPD wasn't involved in the roasting of Dorner. That was the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Dept.

The "Jump out boys" were the LA Sheriff's Dept., not the LAPD. As far as I've read, the JOB's didn't do anything wrong/illegal except belong to a secret club and have tattoo's.

Just sayin...

Toaster 802 said...

So, when will Wirecutter flee cali??

I'll meet you in Wyoming.

wirecutter said...

Bronze - They're all LAPD to everybody outside of Southern California.
The Jump Out Boys? From what I've read, they encouraged shootings and beatings. AND SINCE WHEN IS AN SECRET ORGANIZATION WITHIN A POLICE DEPARTMENT A GOOD THING???
Fuck man, what do YOU read? The Fraternal Order of Police Weekly?