Thursday, February 14, 2013

There's still hope for our future

Kari sent in this video of this shooter - 13 years old.


Fred said...

That's one. All we need is about 10 million more like her and I can breathe a sigh or relief.

PALADIN said...

Good for her !
We need to teach our kids militarism.
American Miltarism and our History, they will need it in the future to combat our enemies and keep this country free.

Only a matter of time before those chink bastards start WW3.
Have you ever read 'Unrestricted Warfare"?
It was written by 2 PLA colonels in 1999 and it is a blueprint to destroy us.

It's availiable online in PDF format, just google it and you will get a bunchwebsites with it online.
You have to read it extensively to get the whole picture of the article.
The Chinks will use any means necessary.

peaowed said...

If I had a daughter, I would hope she could shoot like that. That was awesome!

Wrench said...

Awesome, amazing.

Tim from Peoria said...

nice.....been checking your site for several months it. I am a cop, but not the kind you hate. I give murderers and gangbangers fits. working folks don't get hassled. lotta guys like me still around. keep up the good work Kenny.

wirecutter said...

Tim, PLEASE get your ass out here. I'm so tired of being treated like a criminal when I haven't done anything wrong.
The biggest problem with cops out here is that they view everybody as either a crook or a victim - there's no such thing as a person that keeps their nose clean and just wants to be left alone.
Thanks for commenting.