Friday, February 01, 2013

Update: Jose and the Yellowed Paper

A bunch of folks after reading about Jose and the Yellowed Paper asked me to keep y'all updated. Well, until today he hadn't said another word to me other his usual Good Morning. But today I was sitting in the locker room trying to finish my book and he came in and sat down. He pulled his dirty, greasy pocket Constitution (Dirty, greasy pocket Constitutions are good - that means they're well used) and started reading to himself and then asked my opinion, commencing our lesson.
I learned a lot.
Seriously, I got nothing on this motherfucker. Granted, he'd had to seriously study for his citizenship and it shows, but when he can quote our Founding Fathers, Paine and others verbatim, he's got me licked.


hiswiserangel said...

Very proud of you both. The only thing a passionate teacher needs is an equally passionate student.

Wraith said...

Jose needs to come out here to the Sovereign State of Arizona so I can

1) give him a hug

2) buy him a beer and

3) explain why our Sovereign State kicks ass because we have Constitutional Carry and Jan Brewer, and that he should abandon the PRK and move to the real America ASAP.

Come to think of it, so should you. Come to the Dark Side, we have rights!

Shell said...

Then you gotta bring your "A" game when you talk with Jose, man. It'll make better citizens of both of you.