Monday, March 11, 2013

12 Gauge birdshot damage

I got an email the other night from Steve and somewhere down the line he mentioned being shot with a 12 gauge loaded with birdshot at close range and how devastating it was.
Then he sent pictures and the story. Holy shit.
Story first:

Thats my left shoulder. Story is: my son in law and I were at the range, and he HAD to have me shoot his AK47. Now, I believe they should be allowed under the 2A, but i like my .22, .410, and LOVE my .12 GA due to its versatility of rounds.  SO. While I shot his AK47 (which WAS pretty cool) he went through some shells on my shotgun, going from slugs to birdshot, to see what each round could do. The wives called and told us boys it was time to come home, and I pulled the clip and emptied the chamber, and loaded his AK in the trunk, noticing my shotgun was already stored.   When I got home late that evening, I grabbed the shotgun to take it out, and the trigger caught on the jack handle. Result: BIG BOOM. and a birdshot round litterally REMOVED my shoulder socket, shattered the bone halfway down to the elbow, and left the inside of my shoulder blade looking like baby swiss....
Lessons known:
1. treat every gun as loaded
2. an unloaded gun is a worthless gun
3. always transport your weapon empty unless you even THINK you may need it
Lessons learned:
1. my son in law is an idiot
2. even an ex-marine doesn't necessarily know what he's doing (which I should have realized 2 years ago when he shot his left finger off with a .45 pistol
3. put the fucking gun in a CASE or lock the trigger and 
4. just because someone is NOW a cop, don't mean shit. (actually I DID know that, this just confirmed it!)

Now for the graphic pictures:

1. After irrigation to clean the area

2. debris removed (note shell wadding in lower left)

3. what they replaced it wif

4. hooking it all together, or what there is left to hook up anyway.

And finally, the end result:


  1. Wirecutter, this is Steve's wife Rose and I have seen the pictures before from the surgeon, but he forgot to tell you about the BLOOD everywhere including the trunk. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the post!

  2. Oh, the poor soul.

    That truly sucks.

    (And yes, guns are always loaded, always.)

  3. Yup! Every firearm is loaded, even if it isn't.... Because shit happens....

  4. That's some brutal stuff. Reminds me of when I worked forensics in NC. A kid shot his dad in the thigh with a 20 gauge single shot sporting a 13" barrel from about 10 feet away with some #8. I bagged dad's quadriceps up and threw it in the ambulance with him. One nasty, bloody crime scene.

  5. Bad news all around. And now you guys are on a list.

  6. That sucks, cowboy. Get well soon.

    WC, got more curvy MILF pictures now?

    For some reason, I've got a hankerin' for rare ribeye steak...

  7. WTF. Thats pretty scary......and pictures like this for breakfast...yuck.
    I visit your page today morning for some hot babes and instead of them i found this messy pics.
    But.....its a good warning. Thx for the pics.

    Greetings from bavaria, Germany

  8. At least the orthogods were able to piece him back together so he
    will be balanced. That arm however will NEVER work properly again. Been in medicine 35 years.
    Seen quite a few patients with birdshot in them. Seen almost none with buckshot....if they survived the buck they paid the price by losing an extremity.

  9. My prayers for his quick recovery and the full use and range of motion of his shoulder.

  10. Every gun is ALWAYS loaded - even when the chamber of rotated out on a six-shooter. But all it takes is forgetting it once, and THAT will be the time that it wasn't...

    An uncle, who specialized in leather work, made a specialty holster for a cop buddy of his. When he was checking the seat, dropped the .38 into it, and lost a kneecap. He figured the guy was a cop so would know how to make sure it wasn't loaded - so he didn't verify and paid for it...

    That is something I never forgot, since I was the one that got to drive him to the emergency room - he was in the back of a pickup with the cop buddy since all gun shots have to be reported.

  11. Damned that sucks, and he's screwing your daughter.

  12. One more tip: always point guns in a safe direction not at yourself. To shoot himself the gun had to be pointing at him.

  13. Wow, that hurts just looking at it, I'm not looking again.......I'll post the link........

  14. There are four rules for firearm safety.

    1.All guns are always loaded.
    2.Never let the muzzle cross anything you are not willing to destroy.
    3.Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to fire.
    4.Be sure of your target and beyond.

    If these had been the "lessons known", much pain could have been avoided.

  15. With 30 years as a military police officer, in two wars, I have seen many gun shot wounds...and the worst of these were those caused by close range shot gun blasts, by far...


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