Monday, March 25, 2013

As long as I'm cappin' on the muslims today......

- Bearded Youth


cato said...

Blew Coca-cola threw my nose on that one, burned like liquid hell, damned near chocked to death.

I would have died with a smile on my face.

Does that make me an islamophobic?

Screw 'em.

Wraith said...

Dude, you totally made me waste perfectly good beer through my sinuses.

JeremyR said...

Aint any less true now then it was in 1873. Never forget that our first war after the revolution was against the Libyan pirates, the jihadists of that day who were hijacking ships in the Med. We fought, and the Eew a peons forked over fists full of money rather then fight.
Some things never change. if you want an original Mooslime condom, well, they still use then over there. Complete with goat hair exterior.