Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bring it on, man.


Craig Cavanaugh said...

I think we should take his advice. Our "speeches" here on the interwebz ain't enough either...

Toejam said...

Trouble is, if the "one" syas something it's NOT part of a legit DEBATE.

It's a DICTATE according to the Libtards.

Spiro said...

Fight the tyrants until they give up.

Stinkwilly said...

Sure we can do better than this, lets start with getting rid of your black muslim ass by impeaching it?!!!!!!!!!
Purple lipped fuckwad!!!!!

KG said...

You mde a mistake with that title, perhaps.
Shouldn't it be "Bring it on, boy?

CharlieDelta said...

The Cooncracker In Chief makes a great point. It's definitely not enough. What American gun owners have been doing just isn't enough. Our answer to tyrannical politicians when they continuously dishonor their OATH and violate the Constitution is definitely not enough:

Expressions of anger is not enough.
Pointing out the hypocrisy and ignorance of gun grabbers is not enough.
Rational debate with irrational assholes is not enough.
Blogging about it is not enough.

We've been pushed and shoved and bullied by the government enough.
We've been penalized for the actions of psychopaths and criminals enough.
We've seen enough tyranny.
We've heard enough bullshit.
We've tried to be civil about the blantant disregard for the Second Amendment for long enough.
We've tried being civil towards a crude and corrupt government for long enough.

It's time to stop being so fuckin' civil! It's time to stop being so gotdamn reasonable when dealing with unreasonable tyrants and their unreasonable legislation. ENOUGH!

Brock Townsend said...


Well said.