Sunday, March 10, 2013

Confessions of a TSA screener

Excerpted from HERE:

Most TSA screeners know their job is a complete joke. Their goal is to use this as a stepping stone to another government agency.
We work in a culture where common sense has no place. All but a very few TSA personnel know they’re employed by a bottom-of-the-barrel agency.

A small number of screeners are delusional zealots who believe they’re keeping America safe by taking your snow globe, your 2-inch pocket knife, your 4-ounce bottle of shampoo and performing invasive pat-downs on your kids.
The rest are only there for the paycheck and generous benefits. Screeners start at $15 per hour, and there is tons of overtime — mainly because they are filling in for the many screeners who don’t bother coming to work. For every 40 hours you work, you receive four hours of vacation and four hours of sick time.


drjim said...

Holy shit....that's TWO HUNDRED hours of vacation per year, along with TWO HUNDRED hours of "sick" leave.

wirecutter said...

I get 200 hours of vacation and 40 hours of sick leave per year - but I've been at my job for 21 years.

drjim said...

When I worked for Hughes, and DirecTV, we two weeks. After 5 years we got three weeks. Then it stayed constant until you had 15 years, when you started getting one additional day for every year of service.

Boeing was two weeks per year until you hit ten years, then it went to 3 weeks. I think after 20 years you started getting a day per year of service.

The place I'm at now we get something like 6.6 hours per 80 hours of work.

I don't think they'll be around long enough that I have to worry about when I'll start getting 3 weeks!

wirecutter said...

The job I had before this one at Riverbank Army Ammunition Plant gave us 1 week after 1 year, and then an additional week after every 5 years, topping out at 4 weeks. And I worked 13 hours a day 6 days a week and 8 on Sunday.
Yup that's right, I got more overtime hours than straight time and I did that for 10 years.

drjim said...

Oh, yeah...OT.

When Boeing ran the operation we got 66 hours/week before launch, 6 tens and 6 on Sunday (double time) and 6 tens on the way back.

It doubled my paycheck, and that was without the "recurring mission bonus" they gave us. It was a perk that started after the second launch you went on, and was 5% of your gross pay for each mission you'd been on, topping out at 35% after you'd been on 7 missions.

The last year Boeing ran the place, I went on 5 in a row, and made something like $175,000 that year, most of it OT and mission bonous.

I got really hammered with taxes, and my 401(k) got all screwed up because I was considered a "highly compensated individual". I had to go to a really good accountant to get my taxes straightened out (couldn't file short form), and my 401(k) unfucked.

These turds only pay 8 hours a day, and if we're not "working" scheduled operations, we don't get paid Saturdays and Sundays while we're out at sea.

They lied to us when they hired us back, saying we'd get $200/day sea pay to make up for the loss of what Boeing used to pay, and then turned around and gave us $85/day.

Oh, least I have a job, and that's what the new owners are using to hold on to the people they have that came back.

Anonymous said...

You guys are a hoot-been self employed all my life and any time off is time I'm not making money.

Besides what I do, I love so much, it's not work.

Now start talking about your retirement

Shell said...

I know one who took the TSA job as a step up from his previous position as an IRS drone. Fifteen years behind a desk for that government agency preceded and intermixed with several years experience at Domino's Pizza (where I met him) as driver up to manager and not a shred of experience in anything remotely related to the tasks of TSA and he was hired so fast it made *his* head spin. Meanwhile two of my friends and I - who among us totaled almost three-quarters of a century of military and security experience - never got past the first testing level.