Friday, March 08, 2013

Let this be a lesson to y'all

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A northwestern Montana man shot and killed the host of the Sportsman Channel show "A Rifleman's Journal" in an apparent jealous rage while the TV personality was visiting the shooter's wife, police said Friday.
Wayne Bengston, 41, then beat his wife, took his 2-year-old son to a relative's house and drove to his home about 25 miles away in West Glacier, where he killed himself, Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial said.
"It's pretty much an open-and-closed case. Homicide and suicide," Dial said.
Police identified the shooting victim as Gregory G. Rodriguez, 43, of Sugar Land, Texas. Bengston's wife told police that Rodriguez was in town on business and visiting her at her mother's house in Whitefish when her husband showed up Thursday at about 10:30 p.m.
Rodriguez and the woman, who works for a firearms manufacturer in the Flathead Valley, met at a trade show and struck up a casual relationship that police do not believe was romantic, Dial said.
She and Rodriguez were sitting at the kitchen table, talking over a glass of wine, when Bengston entered the house and shot Rodriguez, Dial said.
He then beat his wife on the face and head, most likely with the pistol, he said. She was treated at a hospital and released.
"I think it was a jealous husband, but this is all conjecture," Dial said.


And what's the lesson to be learned? It's called common courtesy and respect.
Never ever go into another man's home with his wife when he isn't home. Period. Even if you have his permission.
Ladies, do not invite a man into your home unless your man is there. Period. Even if you have his permission.


  1. Men don't get invited into my home unless my husband is home, or they're gay (and he knows it), my family, or his best friend (spent a lot of time here while his divorce was going through because he can't cook nearly as well as I can) who I see as and treat as a brother.

  2. Agree 100%, but most women will vehemently disagree and turn it around on you, saying that you don't trust them.

    I say - don't put yourself into a situation that could be in any way shape or form considered anything but upfront and honest.

    But what do I know.

  3. At the same time, if I did come home and find her wrapped up in bed with some guy, I assure you, I'm not shooting anyone, not him and especially not myself.

    The only reason to draw and use a firearm is legitimate self defense. He committed murder and then committed suicide, and for what? She was not worth that.

  4. I wouldn't have shot either.
    My way of thinking is that if my wife wants to cheat, then the asshole she's fucking can support her from then on.
    Then I'd go coyote hunting.

  5. How times have changed. My mother was almost kicked out of St. Mary's in Raleigh when she crossed the street in front of the school with her male first cousin, but
    un-escorted. I have letters from my grandfather, an attorney, stating the steps he was taking to insure that she would be able to stay. Mind boggling today, needless to say.

  6. Suicide by Husband? Kinda like suicide by cop but with less hassle.


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