Friday, March 29, 2013

Lord help me

Lisa just got a text from her son Art.
She texted him back.


John said...

Shit, I've been known to send a text to the person standing right next to me.

In my defense, the content of the text was a web address for your blog.

Jason said...

I feel you man. Sometimes I think I might be the only one left looking up at the sky.

Now that I think about it, there may be a conspiracy here we all missed. Everyone is busy looking down at the phones while drones and shit are following us.

MSgt B said...

I do that shit to my daughter, just to piss her off. She's aways sitting around texting her friends, so I'll get my phone out and start sending her texts.

Dad! You're interrupting!

Jesus, Honey. If you've got so much to say, just CALL them.

Rich said...


SMS is one of the best intercoms around.

idahobob said...

Take the toys away from the children.



Sevesteen said...

You'd rather they shout at each other?

Huckleberry said...

Poor Guy ,Well maybe Obamacare will cover the therapy.

Anonymous said...

I HATE Texting!
Besides, over a minimum, it costs me money.
My roomie would rather text me than call me from downstairs or in her room.
Must be some kind of message there...


hiswiserangel said...

The only reason to text someone in the same room is to tell them all the perverted things you're planning to do to them once the company leaves.

timbo said...

Kicks the shit out of yelling!
That's what we used to do.

I know, the learning curve is scary Mr. Lane, but at some point you will join us!