Friday, March 29, 2013

Now you have a reason to lick the babes on the beach

J&D's Foods new line of Bacon Sunscreen™ is For Sizzling Hot Weather. Science has shown us that 10 out of 10 people prefer the smell of Bacon to coconut, which should makes this the most anticipated new product of the summer. Enjoy!
Available starting today at www.BaconSunscreen.comfor $9.99 per bottle.

Stolen from Brian's FB page


hiswiserangel said...

If it's blended with Hawaiian Tropic, she'll taste like a luau.

Fuzzy in AZ said...

Even better Ken, this company also make bacon condoms! Looks like a slice of bacon and is coated in "bacon lube."

So, can we assume your Christmas list just grew by one item?

Jerome East said...

Saw a news article the other day about a company making bacon flavored condoms as well

Wraith said...

I need a reason now? Well, shit.