Saturday, March 16, 2013

PNW Arms ammo

I released a small amount to our webstore for people to buy. This is some of the most precise 7.62x51 in the world. We also have some tacops in pistol calibers. Pass it along since there are no limits and non-crazy prices.


I haven't fired any of this but their TacOps pistol ammo is fucking exceptional.


  1. a a buck eighty five a round it better be able to turn corners and open doors. I miss the good old days when you could get DAG surplus that was almost as good as match ammo for a quarter a round.

  2. Since the coronation of King Barry I, it's all gone to sh!t. $.30 a round for 5.56 steel penetrators seemed like such a deal in 2011.

    That aside: PNW's ammo is top notch. I bought a mess of their 10MM hollow point a while back and it's straight and destructive. Unlike others who use copper jacketed lead for their hollow points, these are solid copper. And they burn a lot cleaner.

  3. Still no .22lr to be found.
    Papa Mike

  4. has a case (5000 rds) for about $700. Not exactly cheap in total or in comparison to before the silliness, but at about $.13 a round, it's the best deal I could find.


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