Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Southern Christian Sportsman's Devotional

       SCSD held a turkey hunt this weekend for a great group of people. We teamed up with the Wounded Warriors this year and had 2 Marines along with thier families spend the weekend at our farm.
We shot skeet, quail hunted, fished, and hunted turkey. They had a great time and we enjoyed having them. I want to thank everyone that sends donations and volunteers time to help make these trips possible. Attatched is a photo after the quail hunt. 
  If anyone would like more information they can contact myself or Claude 
Thanks again


Eric's organization, Southern Sportsmen's Christian Devotional, does great work helping out kids with their Dream Hunts.
If you'd like to help out with a donation or just to learn more about them, go to:
They're good people.

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AZRon said...

Sounds like a great program, and I applaud you for highlighting it.

On the other hand;

Wingshooting was my introduction to hunting in the early 1970's. I grew up with common, simple rules. Be safe, and don't kill what you ain't gonna' eat. I actually lost a friend when I tried to force-feed him a Gila Monster that he'd just murdered.

It was easier to get my limit on Doves, but frankly they taste like shit, so I quit shooting them in the middle of my first season. I'm fond of Pheasant, but they're harder to come by in my current neck of the woods. The best one that I ever "bagged" gutted himself due to a miscalculation in roof height when I worked at a boat factory in Auburn, WA. A delicious surprise, for sure. Then we have the Quail. I've never seen anything more beautiful in nature than a Mama Quail leading her young'uns, single file, down a wadi.

Hunting season, of course, only allows hunting them after the youngsters have matured to the point of self-reliance. That's a good thing because Quail am some delicious motherfuckers. In fact, I'd only rate them behind Mas' lasagne, bacon, Walleye, and channel catfish.

Course that's just me. I consider game to be a gift from God.