Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The cop was too lenient in my opinion

A Maryland woman was shocked after she received a traffic ticket on Interstate 95 — because it wasn't for speeding.
In fact, she was driving 2 mph under the speed limit.
The driver, who didn’t want her name used, told NBC Washington she was driving in the left lane of I-95 in Laurel last Friday when she was pulled over and cited for failing to move right.
According to the citation, she had been driving 63 mph in a 65 mph zone.


Personally, I feel that if she was going 2 mph under the speed limit while traveling in the fast lane, she shouldn't have gotten a ticket - she deserved to be shot.
Nothing pisses me off more than some stupid motherfucker putting along at or below the speed limit in the fast lane, particularly if they're right next to a truck and not allowing anybody to pass.
Yeah, we know you're cool, you've got cruise control, now step on the gas and get the fuck out of my way.


godless said...

double tap to make sure.

timbo said...

I bitched about that on another blog yesterday. Left lane vigilantes. If ever there was a use for the "pit maneuver", this is one!

In colorado there are signs posted on the freeway stating it is illegal to drive in the left lane unless you are passing. I actually took a pic of it to show people.

JeremyR said...

More accidents are caused by slow drivers then are caused by speeders.
Several years ago I was headed to Florida. As I was traveling from Nashville south on the interstate, I came up on a trucker who was being a rolling road block. He was pulling a flat bed, empty, and pacing another truck. The road is clearly marked No semis in the left lane, and traffic was heavy. When it opened up to three lanes, I passed him even though he tried to straddle the lane marker. I then flipped him the bird. Wouldn't call it a mistake, but I made up for about thirty minutes in under ten with him clinging to my back bumper.
I made my exit, from the left lane, at close to 100 mph. As I moved right, I could see ahead several cops with lights activated. I guess they had a welcome comittee. As I sat on the off ramp, I could see him get flagged down.
Poor fella. /sarc

MSgt B said...

They need to bring that cop down here to Virginia. (Man. I never thought I'd say THAT)

He could spend a day on Route 95 and empty that ticket book of his.

The Old Man said...

One of the I-squared (invincibly ignorant) had a toll for stupidity levied on them. Boo-freakin'-hoo. I've found it's more fun (being retired, I have some time for this) to pull in front of them and drop to 5 mph under what they were doing that pissed you off. For some reason it really gets their blood pressure spiking, especially the girlie-men....1137 icheckv

Randy said...

I drive on I-95 in Communist Northern Virginia almost every day. Slow drivers in the left lane are a continual problem. You won't get a ticket for speeding unless you are about 15 over and driving aggressively. I passed a trooper today running 75 in a 55 and he didn't even look at me. The problem is too many people who don't have driving skills are getting DL's because there is someone in the parking lot at the DMV selling ID and anything else you need to get a DL. If you don't speak English, you get an interpreter to help with the tests. This place is nuts.