Monday, March 18, 2013

The Swapshop on FB

Okay, the Swapshop has been up for 2-3 weeks now and I haven't even made my money back on what it cost to launch the page, a whopping 50 bucks.
I told Lisa last night that I was going to leave it for the year that I've paid and then I wasn't going to waste my time with it anymore and her reply was to put it on FB which got an immediate response of OH HELL NO. I wanted this shit to remain with Patriots and then she gently reminded me that I've got damned few friends and the ones that I do have are as whacked out as I am as far as politics go and any exposure is good exposure.
Good point.
So here it is for all you facebookies: The Patriot Swapshop on FB
If you can't see it, send me a friend request HERE


Devil Tongue said...

No disrespect intended here but you under priced yourself as others tried to advise you on your own blog. Run a price increase by your readers and customers first before doing something as drastic as face book. If I have something to sell, trade, etc,. I would voluntarily send you more than your posted price for your time & effort in this endever.
It's merely a suggestion but I think it would be worth the effort to consider and since you did it for the Patriot Community, at least allow them to have a say as to what their perspective of one's time and effort is resonable?
Who about a donation's page with each posting, I think you would be surprised? Have them send payment on your already alloted terms as posted, sit back in your camo Lazy Boy and monitor the results.

Devil Tongue said...

Update: I forgot to add that my payment to you was going to be based on an approx. 10% commission of my bottom line price, if that helps.