Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jonathon Winters dead at 87

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Jonathan Winters, the cherub-faced comedian whose breakneck improvisations and misfit characters inspired the likes of Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, has died. He was 87.
The Ohio native died Thursday evening at his Montecito, Calif., home of natural causes, said Joe Petro III, a longtime friend. He was surrounded by family and friends.
Winters was a pioneer of improvisational standup comedy, with an exceptional gift for mimicry, a grab bag of eccentric personalities and a bottomless reservoir of creative energy. Facial contortions, sound effects, tall tales - all could be used in a matter of seconds to get a laugh.


WiscoDave said...

WW2 USMC. Enlisted at 17.
Not too many, if any, like him.

Paladin said...

And another piece of my childhood is gone forever.

rpm2day said...

No stupid teleprompter, ad lib king. Gonna miss ya, Aunt Blabby.

Rob said...


Requiescat in pace