Friday, April 12, 2013

Questions and answers about your new 80% AR lower reciever


thegunslinger said...

A guy I work with bought two 80% lowers for about $80 a piece from a different company. He also bought the jig that a person would use to finish the lower for about $150. Its a neat idea to have your own lower with no markings, however with out having access to a drill press and some quality drill bits I would be afraid that I would turn that 80% lower into 100% junk. Besides Uncle Sugar already knows I have guns, ammo, and the training (he gave me) needed to use them.

the gunslinger
Quaemadmoeum Gladius Neminem Occidit, Occidentis Telum Est

wirecutter said...

Go to the website and read the part about insurance, contacting a 2A friendly machine shop about using their machinery and knowledge to help you out and building parties.
It just isn't that fucking hard to do it yourself.
And wouldn't it be nice to have a gun or two that Uncle DOESN'T know you have?