Saturday, April 13, 2013

Seattle is under Federal control

Via email from Montana Pike Hunter:

I'm writing to you today to bring light to share with you some curious things I noticed this weekend.  In order to put them into perspective, I must let you know a little about myself.  I was born in Seattle Washington and moved to Missoula Montana in July of 2001.  I still have friends in Seattle and I go there to visit yearly. 

I went last year and observed a lot of peculiar infrastructure put in place, but nothing more noteworthy than the extremely sophisticated camera systems on the state borders.  This year I witnessed significantly more, a deterioration into an Orwellian setting that I never could have imagined.  
Seattle is now informally under Federal Control.  Whether the local police and sheriff's departments know it or not, they are being groomed to relinquish control to the Department of Homeland Security, it would appear that vast amounts of resources are being placed inside the city on standby.  I would have gladly taken more pictures, but given the circumstances, which I will explain later, I was unable to.

Picture 1.  What you see here first, is a homeless man who got drunk and took a dive into the concrete.  What you can't see to the left of the picture by the arrow, are 3 Department of Homeland Security vehicles which I will show later.  That's right, our counter terrorist force is responding to domestic disturbances.  Shown in the red oval, is a DHS operative,  clearly displaying "POLICE" on the back of his type III-A body armor.  A clear difference compared to the domestic officer pictured in the green oval, who is wearing the typical type II armor.  Also, observe his badges and identification obviously present on his left shoulder - clearly absent on the DHS official.

Picture 2.  Shown here are 2 DHS vehicles which are portrayed as standard police vehicles, but upon closer observation are shown to be Federal Agents, and this is where things got uncomfortable.  After taking these photos, the two DHS vehicles began to follow us down the block, circling the block several times that we were walking on and then slowing to a creep while passing us while they stared us down.  The close up photo was taken on their second pass.  This made my girlfriend very intimidated and unhappy, and I began to take less obvious pictures of them since we were on vacation, and this trip was about relaxing, but I was too puzzled by their blatantly  overwhelming presence.  
These vehicles are EVERYWHERE in Seattle, making rounds on any particular block about every 10 minutes, driving in caravans as long as 6 vehicles, but mostly in twos and threes, and always in an aggressive fashion.  Speeding, sudden stops, unnecessary acceleration, and clear traffic violations.  The frequency with which I observed these actions while eating a long lunch in a local restaurant as well as while walking through the streets was startling.  I would say it might be a training exercise if it weren't for their interaction in insignificant events like drunk bums and medical emergencies.
Picture 3.  The third photo shows another obscure medical emergency with 3 DHS vehicles present.  2 vehicles are obvious, the third is behind the white truck.  Once again, our counter terrorist force is responding to heart attacks or whatever else might be happening in this photo, which took one ambulance and one stretcher, Clearly a minor medical emergency.

Are the 1.6 billion rounds starting to make more sense now?  they're grooming and placing assets where they need them first.  Ever heard of the massacre at Hue, south Vietnam? on January 31st of 1968, the N. Vietnamese were able to go inside this city in the early hours of the morning and execute every single South Vietnam sympathizer without error. in one night they were able to pinpoint every household where they lived, pull them out and kill them.  at the time this seamed improbable, how could they organize this? informants, data systems, and useful idiots that thought something like that could never happen. And then it happened.  With the internet, Facebook, and other electronic resources in place, and others being put in place, I think it's pretty clear what is going on, get ready Patriots, we're in for the long haul.
-Montana Pike Hunter


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  1. Hubby was in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and also noticed the DHS presence. First saw them at the Space Needle and thought it was to protect a terror target. But then they were everywhere. Also said they were very unfriendly to the point of aggressive.

  2. The brown shirts have started to move. Adolf would approve.

  3. How much plainer does it need to be, before people wake up? And why are so-called conservative media outlets all but silent on it?

  4. I'm seeing a LOT of the wealthier Americans buying up land and property here.

    Getting preped to jump, I would say.

  5. They are here in southeast Florida too. I can't say they're "everywhere", but they are noticable.

  6. @Oswald: Didn't you say the only Americans you see in Kiwi are the Leftist types?

    If so, you'd think they'd stay home in the American Soviet they help create since the 1960s.

    On the other hand, if the new Kiwis are Rightists, I hope they will lead the New Zealand Revolution and overthrow the socialists.

  7. I have lived in the Seattle Soviet since 2011 and what the author of this blog says about the DHS occupation of Rain City is spot on!

    It is interesting that during the worst economic bad times since the Great Depression of the 1930s, the People's Republic of Seattle is doing very well with building cranes seemingly on every corner, and other types of construction going on - like the streetcar line in Chinatown that nobody except the Leftist ruling class of the Northwest wants.

    Something is happening here - and it ain't exactly clear - but a good guess would be the Obama Regime is giving big bucks and protection to the Queen City of the Northwest that always votes Democrat.

  8. The cameras at the state border are actually in Idaho.

    I am willing to bet these pictures were taken near a DHS office. Usually no outside signage but bomb proof and with bullet resistant windows.

    Look up 417 w cataldo ave 99201 on Google street view for my local office.

  9. If Seattle is like SF (which it is) there's a bunch of Federal buildings in the downtown and I think the Federal Protective Police have jurisdiction, not the locals.

    That, plus the fact that they're big into the Fusion Centers....

  10. Curious as to why they picked liberal Seattle.

  11. DHS police have a big presence in Denver these days too... hmmm....

  12. I find it interesting that they paint scheme almost makes them identical to the Border Patrol rigs that run thru my home state of Michigan (I see 'em on the regular as I live in the SE of the state near the international border crossing. The only difference is that the BP has the forward angled green stripe as opposed to the DHS Fed Police Blue. Maybe its simple misdirection or an innocent innocuous coincidence.

    -Singing Detective

  13. Saw them in downtown San Jose, CA a few ago also, traveling in pairs. I pointed them out to my sheeple co-workers and just got the deer in the headlights WTF are you talking about look. I knew I should have taken a picture.

    chuck myhre

  14. I was a Federal Protective Service officer back in the mid-80s. Our writ was limited to Federally owned or controlled property. And our police authority was tied to the annual budget, and since there hasn't been a budget in 4 years the FPS is nothing but a bunch of civilians in matching blue outfits and NO arrest authority.
    *Note: Just 'cause they don't have the authority doesn't mean they wont beat the crap out of you given half a chance.

  15. Not good at all, and a 'massive' overstep...

  16. @Ronald Barbour- indeed I see mostly the loudmouth leftist variety here. You could draw the conclusion that they don't really want to live in the brave new world they are inflicting on the great unwashed. And/or want a good piece of their assets offshore and untouchable.

    Those of the right are:
    A- not fawned over by the MSM
    B- smart enough to keep a low profile.

  17. On every site I have been on where this issue comes up I say the same thing I have told my local cops in the small town I now live in, "If the DHS tries a damn thing to violate my rights I will smash them" I mean, I will make them hurt. Their tyrannical police state crap will not be tolerated with me.

    If enough people make it clear that faces and bones of DHS will be broken maybe they will back off.

    Some say this is nonsense but they are not only wrong, they have no idea what they are talking about.

    Growing up in Los Angeles, it wasn't just the blacks and browns who were regularly abused and manhandled by corrupt and out of control cops, it was whites too.

    Now keep in mind, the LAPD are real cops, sworn officers. These DHS clowns are like mall cop retards who could not make it through the police academy and are over-compensating.

    Well, today I no longer live in Los Angeles but I lived through the 80's and 90's there when the LAPD was at its worst. What changed?

    Let me tell you what changed. The people on the street had enough of the crap that was going on and being a cop became a dangerous game to play, they way they were playing it.

    Today Los Angeles is a cesspool, worse than ever, but it has nothing to do with the cops and them backing off from fighting crime.

    The LAPD were smacked down and put into line to some degree, not due to new policies or BS politicians like they would have you believe. The people made life hell on the cops until they finally backed the hell up, this really became very apparent by the mid to late 1990's, especially after the LA Riots and Rampart deal.

    Instead of fearing these non-sworn rent-a-thugs, flick them off and fuck with them. Quit being afraid and turn the tables on them.

    Fear has never won any fight or battle in history unless we're talking about putting that fear into the enemies we are fighting. So let's put some fear into the DHS thugs.

  18. Something is being planned for Denver, lots of travel there by Obama. With other cities having many more voters, that isn't it, but I have seen other posters make the same comment.
    Then a person with DHS insider info said he saw the maps they had, which were different than what we have seen and the only town high lighted was Denver with a big star.
    He gave his first big speech there and several since.
    Funny connection to the "shooting" here also.
    One poster thought it was going to be the headquarters to perhaps DHS or ???
    We just paid over 800 million for. New bunker for Obama at the White House, ummmm.


  19. They're piggy-backing the exposure on standard response services. crafty

  20. Just finished Ayn Rand's "We the Living" It details the trials of an extended family that were entrepreneurs in Russia 1917 and forward. The suffering they went thru at the hands of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat may come to this country, if we allow the Federal Machine to advance unrestricted. For my own part I take the Oath of John Galt and put action to it:
    "I swear by my life and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another person, nor ask another to live their life for me." In this dark day of the former republic, I stand in Resistance to the premier means of acquisition by the State, the Income Tax. Face to face, I have asked Criminal Investigators of the IRS to articulate the attributes of the class or classes of persons on which Congress has laid the Income Tax. They could not, would not, and did not answer me. Thus, without this basis, they could not illustrate the events which brought me into any of those classes. Therefore, I have dismissed their pleadings and demands for my property. I live my life in freedom. I use the liberty of contract to trade my skills for money and other valuable consideration, no withholding allowed. I protect my assets with the lawful means of free entities, that operate as Nontaxpayers, being wholly protected by the jurisdiction of their origin. It is a fine place to be. Will you join the me?
    www . nontaxpayer . us

  21. Should we be surprised by Police State activities?

    Seattle was chosen to be the Model City in America for the Fascist "Agenda 21" back in '91, seen today through their "Sustainable Seattle" program.

  22. I've noticed a DHS presence in Portland as well.

  23. Wonder where they keep their ammo? Anyone low on .40?

  24. Uh hello, the ENTIRE country is under federal control. Where the hell have YOU been?

  25. Someone was asking about these DHS "troops" in a far left city.

    The National Socialists (NAZI) were honest-to-god socialists. In some of Hitler's speeches he talks about his youth corps and the coming classless society.

    The DHS is a brown-shirt style group. They will be used for the same purpose.

    Posted as "anonymous" -- take it or leave it.

  26. The same stuff is happening just north of Seattle in Bellingham, Blaine, etc. I see a lot of "grouped" police-type vehicles following close and in regular 'patterns.' I've seen local, state, county, DHS, Border Services, unmarked black SUV's, etc. & there is often an ambulance tagging along... no sirens, no speeding, nothing on the blotters.

    Bellingham Mayor recently fired Police Chief under controversial circumstances. Many more "psychos" & hardcore drug-addicts seem to have been dumped here as well.

    Noticed similar activities in BC, Canada in last few years. Seems to be a lot of Federal "prepping" going on. Just my observations and opinion.

    Kevin Patrick Wright

  27. I noticed those "police cars" are all painted in UN and Israeli colors, which are the same of course.

  28. Can we all please get rid of the Leftist/Righty labels and thought control. There is NO DIFFERENCE between the parties, it's all a SHOW and HYPERBOLE to keep the sheeple corralled. Break Free as Mr NonTaxpayer said above. We are FREE MEN on the land. Not Sovereign Citizens, another oxymoron.

  29. Yea well they are also seen here in Montgomery Alabama too. A friend of mine said he saw one a few days ago and he sent me a picture of one he saw today. These guys are up to no good for sure.

  30. Interesting and thank you for the information.


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