Friday, April 24, 2020

"That'll teach you!!!"

California Highway Patrol (CHP) will not issue any more event permits on any state properties after people on Monday protested the state’s lockdown measures, according to The Sacramento Bee.


  1. If you have to get a permit to exercise your rights, then you have no rights.

  2. Precisely Sanders.
    Look veeerrrrry closely at whats happening here:
    Gov't issues illegal lockdown directive.
    Peasants apply for permit to 'lawfully' protest
    Gov't removes means to 'lawfully' protest.

    Your first ammendment rights give you permission to redress your elected officials, individually or in groups, on or off state property - cuz they work for you, and you the taxpayer own that property, not the fat pig with a inferiority complex.
    But go ahead and follow their rules just to get along. Wouldn't want to raise a fuss! You say the boxcars are over this way, comrade?

  3. Wait one. Who owns and pays through taxes maintains the state properties? That's like saying you can't live in your house. Wake up folks. We sheep have been taking it up the ass from the political progs for years and now the pain is beginning to be excruciating.


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