Friday, April 24, 2020

Your Friday Night Florida Report

OPA-LOCKA, Fla. – A pastor was arrested Tuesday in Opa-locka for punching a 70-year-old man who was trying to deliver food to those in need, authorities said.

The incident was reported outside a church in the area of Lincoln Avenue and Johnson Street.

According to an arrest report, the victim told police he had gone to the area to deliver food to people when Burnice Lee S. Mikell, 64, approached him and asked what he was doing there.


  1. Ever notice that the majority of chimps are either preacher or rappists?

    MN Steel

    1. That's cause the few smart chimps have discovered where the big-bucks are thanks to the stupidity of most chimps.

  2. the "Pastor" has a record , "Records show he has a long long criminal record that dates back to 1976 that includes charges such as theft, battery and possession of cocaine.
    He was recently charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, robbery and battery for an incident involving his wife. " he must have decided to get into the religion racket because its a low risk con !

  3. He's black, it's ok....expected, and accepted, behavior....which is what concealed carry is all about, isn't it?....

  4. If it works for Al Sharpton....

  5. WC, I know you are a busy man, but I am hoping you might add an "Ohio" category to your posts, as we are in many ways the "Florida of the North." Thanks!


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