Monday, June 15, 2020

Strawberry Runner Explosion - STM

Regular readers may recall that we are very into using hugelkultur mounds, in which wood is buried under a planting mound to supply nutrients as the wood rots, store water in the mound like a sponge, and to keep the soil in the mound aerated as the wood mass shrinks over time. In the fall of 2019, we put in a hugelkultur mound for strawberries. Here is a shot of that mound under construction, wood on the trailer on the right winds up in the trench, subsequently covered by the dirt pile on the left:


  1. 'Traditional' hügelkultur lays the wood/logs horizontally; a variation which might be better is standing the logs vertically so roots can tap into the capillaries of the log.

    lil jack

    1. Hi lil jack, I've copied your comment to the article site, with a response so that others might benefit. Thanks!

  2. I can see the benefits to this and having a lot of benefits. I would remind anyone thinking of doing one to make sure it is far away from the house or any outbuildings as this is a huge termite attractor

  3. Would love me some strawberry shortcake right now. If anybody thinks those big pulpy things from the super market are what strawberries are supposed to be, you really need to try homegrown.


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