Friday, July 10, 2020

If this ain't some double standards, I don't know what is

A white man and a white woman who allegedly painted over a California community's Black Lives Matter mural this weekend are each facing a hate crime charge, the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office said Tuesday.

David Nelson and Nicole Anderson are each charged with three misdemeanor counts, including violation of civil rights, vandalism, and possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti, the district attorney's office said in a statement. The incident happened soon after the mural was painted in front of the courthouse in Martinez, California, on July 4.

Now check this shit out:

MARTINEZ, Calif. — Police in a San Francisco Bay Area city are investigating who is responsible for illegally painting “White Lives Matter” on a street the same day prosecutors announced charges against two people accused of defacing a city-sanctioned “Black Lives Matter” sign.


So basically if it's Black Lives Matter painted on the street, it's a mural but if it's White Lives Matter painted on the street in the same fucking city, it's illegal...
Fuck me, I'm so glad I left that bullshit State.


  1. District Attorney Diana Becton. "How does youz pleedses?"

  2. I know how you like the Bieb. It is your duty to repost!

  3. The only way to ensure “equal” rights in today’s America......

    is to go for jury trial.......jury nullification.


  4. I would have rented an airless and 2 Mexicans, woulda had that shit knocked out faster than you can say Popeyes Chicken.

  5. AND there you have it folks.
    If Anyone, ANYONE dares doubt or disparage you for declaring BULLSHIT on all this, all you need to point to is this.
    It's over folks, in case you haven't noticed, you, white boy, are not, nor will you be, treated fairly again ever in your life in this country.

    ... unless of course you decide to put on your big boy britches and do what needs to be done.

  6. and Barry Buttfuck is grinning from ear to ear about his ability to bring about fundamental transformation.

  7. A resident of Martinez has being saying that BLM has targeted that city for a 'protest' this Sunday. They've also said that pallets of bricks have already showed up.

    Also, I heard on the radio that some assclown in CA legislature has proposed a bill to make it a criminal offense to offend another person. So, if you speak the truth and that offends someone, you are guilty of a crime.

  8. Typical liberal BS from liberal California. I hope one day soon California will fall into the ocean. Prayer to God: oh please, oh please...

  9. Is either of those cases more ridiculous than this?


    1. And no positraction. Must have been a 64 Skylark.

    2. Hopefully, their cousin from Brooklyn will come out to serve as their attorney.

  10. I must be culturally impaired, because when I think of a "mural", it's not the words "Black Lives Matter", and nor is a street a wall.

  11. Somebody paint MAGA and see what happens, as if we don't know.

  12. I think I might start selling pitchforks and torches on E-Bay.



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