Friday, July 03, 2020

They’re Going To Try It Again

That was my immediate conclusion upon reading this piece:

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, testified Tuesday that an emerging virus found in pigs in China shares traits with the 2009 Swine Flu and 1918 Pandemic Flu, and U.S. public health officials are monitoring the disease.
Fauci, a White House coronavirus task force member, explained before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that the virus — known as “G4 EA H1N1,” — doesn’t appear to infect humans, however, it has shown “reassortment capabilities.”...

Fauci warned lawmakers of the “possibility that you might have another swine flu type outbreak as we had in 2009.”

“It’s something that still is in the stage of examination,” he added.


  1. "Emerging virus found in pigs in China shares traits with the 2009 Swine Flu and 1918 Pandemic Flu". Yes, because ya ass wipes keep playing around and pretending to be God and mix and match virus stocks to see what sticks and then release the bio-engineered on us unsuspecting plebes with out our permission and then you make billions of dirty money with untested and nonworking vaccines.

  2. I saw that yesterday, it's past time to shove a rag into his mouth and put him into the trunk of a car and abandoned in the desert. Maybe burn the car just because.
    Way past time
    Head down,eyes open,moving forward

  3. Related: This person thinks the last Chinese Coronavirus is mostly spread by the fecal oral route.

    Another reason masks are mostly useless. Wash your hands every time you even use the bathroom, even if you only use mirror to check your hair!

    Wash your hands!

  4. This guy Fauci, a known Demonrat operative, Hitlery lover and deep state sympathizer, should have been fired months ago when he lied about the masks. Yes, it was what some would term a "white lie" for a good cause, keeping masks available for front line health care workers, but a lie nonetheless. Not to mention the number of times he disagreed with President Trump, publicly, especially about hydroxychloroquine, which he's been proven wrong about time and again, most recently just yesterday, when a new study asserted that it does help Kung Flu patients recover more quickly. 'Course if President Trump did fire him, the Demonrats would probably impeach him again, again unjustifiably.

    I'd like to know how much stock Fauci owns in the company that is producing Remdisver at $3000.00 a pop.

    I think the mood of people in the country, based on what I've read, is, with the exception of people that were already welfare bums, we're fed up with lock downs and not being being able to being able to pursue life, liberty and happiness on our own terms.


    1. How many times has that sumbitch Fauci changed his story?

    2. Rosenstein's sister as well as her husband work for NHI in Atlanta. Small world.

    3. Your comment is spot-on, Nemo. Fauci wrote near love letters to Hitliary. I mean he's really obsessed with her. So am I saying that had something to do with the advice he gave Trump? Of course it did! IMO he intentionally pushed for the lockdown because he thought it would fuck up Trump's re-election chances. Both he and Birx need to go and we need some new, open-minded players.

  5. The brilliant minds will know for sure if this new virus will cause human fatalities, once the results of the November Presidential elections have been certified. If Trump somehow manages to win, you can damn well bet that this new virus will be determined to be a pandemic to beat all pandemics. And it will kill everyone who is in the same county that it is in. But the strange thing is that it will be selective,in that it will distinguish between liberals and conservatives and only infect conservatives. The brilliant minds will never be able to come up with a reason for it to work like that, but by the time they can get some kind of a path to follow, it will be too late,since most of the conservatives will be either dead or in a coma.
    The good news is that the Democrat party, in all of their wisdom,will have been preparing for such a thing as this,and will already have a president,a vice president,and an entire administration set up and ready to go. Sadly,Joe Biden will by this time have been overtaken by mental instability,something no Democrat thought was ever a possibility,and so he will be in a secure, I mean in a very comfortable and well maintained hospital, where he can live out the rest of his days in lockdown, mean in dignity and under fantastic care, with no chance of any mistakes in his medications that could cause a heart attack or a stroke that could cause early death.
    We need to thank the Democrat party now,in advance,for their foresightedness, for always thinking about the good of America, and planning for the future. They always make the sacrifices necessary to keep this country going in the positive direction that enables us to be leaders in the global conspiracy, I mean, cooperative that allows for a world that lets everyone to prosper.


    1. Joe's meds probably will be administered by a 9 year old girl with fluffy hair.

  6. When the commies from the Mayor and up come out to tell us any scare stories about covid or anything else, our first response should be...

  7. They lost their right to impose a second lockdown the day the "demonstrations" started. They allowed large crowds to loot and burn and destroy public and private property. They would not allow us to go to church but held numerous services for the "victim" attended by hundreds of people who did not even know him - including all the well know race-baiters. Yes, they lost that next chance - I will not comply!!!

  8. The awful truth of a group of liberals willing to financially damage everybody in the US for political gain. I wonder if these people have any idea how angry they are making the middle class, you know, the ones who foot the bill for all the crap that liberals force down our throats. If this anger ever gets loose the "reckoning" will be terrible. Go after the media first.


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