Monday, September 28, 2020

Oh yeah, she's a hottie all right

SEPTEMBER 23--The Ohio woman who recently called 911 to claim that “my pussy’s on fire” and, as a result, needed someone from the fire department to “put it out with their hose,” pleaded guilty today for her misuse of the emergency dispatch system. 

In a plea deal with prosecutors, Katrina Morgan, 50, copped to disorderly conduct with persistence, a misdemeanor, in connection with a late-night 911 call in May. Morgan was intoxicated when she placed the call while at a friend’s home in Port Clinton, a city on Lake Erie. 


  1. Dang it, you made me look. Going to wash my eyes out now.

  2. Not with MY Hose !! Come Dumpster Fire maybe .

  3. In her defense, her friend didn't have a hose.

  4. Needs to be put out with a baseball bat.

  5. Penicillin-G, 2.4M units IM (a shot in the ass) should take care of that.

    Comments about taking shots in the ass leading to her problem in the first place redacted, this being a family-friendly blog and all.

    (I know, I know, syphilis does not make your parts itchy. Just go with the dumb joke about stuff in the butt, eh?)


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