Sunday, September 27, 2020

Sunday Video 8



  1. Life in Russia. Not always easy, but always thrilling.

  2. And he knows how to say "Help!" in only one language, and it's not the one where he is.

  3. Replies
    1. Is there any other kind? Lots of country Mexicans around here will get a black Chow and tie him to a tree on a boat chain where the dog can just close enough to the main door of the house to kill any intruder. Usually only one person feeds and waters the dog. Apparently Chows have only one Master.

  4. Oh, NOW the fucking gate comes open!

  5. looks like my old buddy Bear ! Best dog ever ,Never had to lock the truck with Bear along ,I saw him scare someone off once.he would stretch out and sleep on the seat and if someone other than me would touch the door he would appear barking furiously some dude was going to open the truck door in a walmatr i was quite a ways off but i could see what happened and when that dog hit the window Mr shifty took off like He'd been launched out of a cannon, I couldn't have chased him if I'd wanted to I was laughing so hard needless to say old Bear got extra snacks that day


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