Friday, November 06, 2020

Kentucky police head resigns after report on old training

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - The head of Kentucky State Police is stepping down days after a report surfaced about old training materials the agency used that encouraged cadets to be “ruthless” and quoted Adolf Hitler. 


  1. robert william oriansNovember 6, 2020 at 12:16 PM

    I only had one interaction with a Kentucky cop and that was a local in Raceyville back in about 1985 . Can't even find it on google now so it probably got swallowed in a corporation takeover. I still pray for the guy and his family 35 years later . Great cop !

  2. Training materials used in 2013. What is this, a joke? A high school newspaper prints a story about KSP training materials that are 7 years out of date, and the commissioner resigns?

    Reading a little further, the training documents in question were uncovered by local attorney David Ward, who is working on a lawsuit against the KSP. The suit involves a shooting death - the bad guy was wielding a shotgun which he was ordered to drop and didn't (bad guys will do that kind of thing), so the detective dropped the bad guy. This high school journalist was given the material by Ward and wrote it up in the high school paper.

    No one knows who created the training materials, which were used once in 2013 and never used again. Now the PC resigns, the local Jewish community is up in arms, and the force is being run by a temporary commissioner - the former comm. right hand man. Like that's going to make a huge difference.

  3. Well yea, I mean when your forming a police state I would think ol Adolf would have some pretty good input.

  4. If the Left can say Hitler, why cant we?

  5. I have never, not once, had an encounter with the KSP that was not negative - and I'm not talking about just getting pulled over on the highway either. I once had to call them because some asshole threw a large rock off of an overpass on I-64 and nearly took my drivers door off. It, literally, missed my head/windshield by just a few inches, and completely obliterated my driver side mirror. The trooper that showed up was some Barney Fife looking asshole who kept insisting that I had hit someone even though a trucker had pulled over with me and was a witness in my favor. And I was once pulled over on US-60 in Versailles for doing - wait for it - 57 in a 55.

    Later on, I got a little bit of revenge. I was working press box and rooftop security at the Kentucky Derby when I came upon a group of about five uncredentialed KSP troopers on the roof getting in everyone's way. The rooftop is where all of the big cameras are and it's a great place to watch the races from. But only a few credentialed police were allowed up there. When I challenged them for their credentials, they puffed themselves up and demanded who the hell did I think I was. So...

    Taking a cue from a scene in the movie "Schindlers List", I stuck my ID in the lead guys face and said "Be sure and spell the name right. Now, I want badge numbers from all of you!" They backed down post haste and left the rooftop in a puff of smoke. They knew that they weren't supposed to be there.

    I mostly support the police, and had they been nice to me, I might have directed them to an unoccupied spot where they could watch the race, but noooo, they thought they were large-and-in-charge.

    I grin every time I think of that incident.

  6. On one of my trips through Kentucky in the last 5 years, I saw a sign on the freeway indicating the National Socialist were responsible for cleaning the next mile of the highway.


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