Friday, November 20, 2020

What the Progressive Socialist Liberals have in store for Conservatives (part 1)

What I intend to lay out here is that historically, there are predictable elements of societal evolution. These elements can be unsavory and distasteful, but that does not mean that they do not exist.  

They do exist. 

Historically, we know what has happened when there is conflict between a traditional society and a progressive socialist movement that has (or is in the process of gaining) the reigns of power in government. 

We know what happens. It is a predictable, and well understood process. It is well documented.


  1. Get an Flammenwerfer!

    Chutes Magoo

  2. This is terrifying reading. I hope we have learned but I think not.
    Rhett Butler : I think it's hard winning a war with words, gentlemen.

  3. As the Wehrmacht used to say: "Enjoy the war, the peace will be terrible."

  4. They may shoot me down, but it won't be in the back of the head with my hands tied. And no plans to not take a couple or few of them with me.

  5. If they get away with this election fraud they are going to implement their Entire wish list over the next 4 years. #1 on the list is confiscate all the guns and make them a felony to own or use for any purpose as they're not going to go house to house. They'll do it like Australia did. Buyback, make illegal to own.

    Then the rest of the wish list. It ain't pretty.

    1. It's over when they come for the guns. Reread Solzhenitsyn

  6. Excellent pick, Kenny, thank you. Worthwhile articles. Not fun but darned useful.

    As the author comments below his first article:

    They are DEEP and are not designed for skim-reading by people who have been reduced to low-IQ serfs.

    My analytics for the particular posts shows a drop off rate in readership. In other words, for the total who are reading part 1, only 30% continue on to part 2. Of that, only 60% again continue on-wards to part 3.

    You are correct, the American society has become trivial and simplistic. Are there better articles, more information-dense, and more important articles to read elsewhere?

    One of the key points that I have been trying to make, over and over again, is that Americans are “ripe for the picking”. The police state has become so enormous and commonplace that it is normal. It is common. Asking for your papers, a thing UNHEARD OF in the 1960’s, is now an everyday occurrence. Police sobriety checks, buying beer in the store, paying with a debit card or credit card. Show your ID, ok no problem! Yea. It is a problem. a big problem.

    And when they tell you to turn around and put your hands behind your back, it will be automatic.

    It’s a nice slow downhill ride from there on…

  7. I really wish people would stop and think before they speak or type. The Commies can outlaw our guns, but can not, due to simple logistics, EVER actually confiscate them. Do the math.... 500 MILLION+ guns, 8 TRILLION+ rounds, countless magazines.... Australia had massive issues trying to collect and destroy 600 thousand volunteered firearms. Sheesh people. More guns are sold in a month in this country than that! Same logistics issues with being invaded from outside our borders, not including unarmed Hispanics mind you.
    For all the talk, if you and each of your family members takes out just 1 of the Commies, you'll have done your part to secure America. We will win.

    1. Of course, they'll try to sweet-talk it with "nothing will happen to you if you comply" - just like nazis and commies have in the past.
      Like someone said; they can't round up a few million illegals, but they're going to round up half a billion guns, trillions of rounds of ammo, all in the face of dire resistance?
      Spicy times indeed.


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