Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Airlines' new 'health passport' could revive international travel

As more governments turn to mandatory COVID-19 testing for travelers in place of mandatory 14-day quarantines after arrival, the world’s airlines are developing a digital health passport that will collect and standardize coronavirus-related passenger data for border crossings and could jump-start international travel once it is widely used. Eventually, the current proof of negative test results prior to travel could be supplanted by proof of vaccination. 


  1. I'm more concerned about all the "de-lousing" shower facilities I saw them building at the airport last week.
    January 2022, IAD/Dulles Airport. A traveller is told that he has been selected for "additional screening". As an obese mulatto TSA person approaches to escort the traveller to the new facilities, the man pulls a pen out of his briefcase and starts stabbing himself in the abdomen.
    "What are you doing?" shouts the TSA person.
    "I'm fucking up your lampshade, you fat fuck!"

  2. "...Eventually, the current proof of negative test results prior to travel could be supplanted by proof of vaccination..."

    Except the vaccine isn't actually designed to prevent getting the virus. They weren't even aiming for that. It's a modified rna vaccine that they hope mitigates the symptoms, but it could just as easily induce mutation and hybridization in the virus, killing more people. They've done very little real testing and certainly not any long term testing. One of the researchers involved said they could've done long term tests, but that would've meant another couple years with this particular coronavirus...but when asked, said she was going to wait at least a year to get it herself, to see how it went, essentially. These people are evil.

  3. That is great. International travel and open borders are the reason we are in this mess to begin with. Anyone crossing the border from another nation should be required to quarantine for 30 days. Either at their own expense or in government run barracks. Historically, trade ships would be forced to quarantine from 30-40 days before they could disembark. But hey, letting someone eat bat in a Chinese market, hop on a plane and run wild in NYC the next day has worked so well!

  4. Mark of the beast:

    Revelation 13:17 NASB
    and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

  5. papiere bitte or is it dokumenty, pozhaluysta. Guess I'm not flying anywhere anytime soon or EVER


  6. I may end up some day soon being trapped in my state, because I foresee the day when they will require proof of the vaccine to be allowed to fly.
    I am not getting the vaccine. Period. End of story. Bill Gates can go fuck himself.

    Tim in AK

  7. ...except for the fact that one of the Agenda 2030 objectives is to end air travel.
    I guess the airline execs are ignorant of reality and the looming demise of their industry.

  8. On the other hand, people may just tell the airlines to suck it, and go back to traditional forms of transportation. From what I've been reading, the may be the case already. Why fly out in an aluminum tube, five miles in the sky, all the while breathing the same air as all the others on the craft? And let's not mention that sudden stop when things go bad. I'd rather watch highway signs go by.

  9. I stopped flying just after TSA had to take my luggage apart and I had to put it back together. And I will NOT get a covid vaxx, so if I can't drive to where I want to go, it isn't that important to me.

  10. IATA short for globalist new world order after reset


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