Friday, December 18, 2020

Friday gifdump Part II













  1. #3 I can almost smell the Nitro
    #2 and #7 are not the same animals
    #2 she probably raised them from a bottle
    #6 now it's the girls turn to try the slide

  2. #10 Smart bird getting carried by the fish.

    #9 K.O!

    #1 Its guna have nightmares for a long time.


  3. #3 - OK, who farted?
    #8 - Considering what a bunch of total pricks cats can be, it's nice to see the tables turned for once.

  4. #4 when you know Grams hates you !

  5. #2 When I was a young man, I had a pet bull. I was scratching his head when he lead on me, and pinned me to the fence. I began to beat on him to make him move... love taps to to a bull. Things began to get a bit red around the edges, and I was pretty sure that was it... when he just ambled off. I never got in the lot with him again. To big to be pets. They'll love you to death.

    1. My horse did that to me in a stall. I learned never walk up beside a horse in a stall no matter how friendly they are.

  6. #8 A gutsy squirrel.

    Many years ago, I came home late one Sunday afternoon and found six Gray Squirrels lying bell up on my front lawn. The cat appeared to be quite pleased with himself.

    I never figured out exactly how it happened. Did the cat kill the first squirrel and the others came from around the neighborhood, one at a time, to get revenge?

    1. Cats will sometimes lay out their kills. Had the same thing with a nest of cottontail bunnies. Cat killed them in the back yard, laid them all out in a row.

    2. it is said cats do that in an attempt to feed you, as they never see you hunting and think you havent learn how.

  7. #2.Thats how you get really tender beef.
    #4. Icing sugar mixed with air, like blowing clouds of it up as he did, is explosive.
    Same for flour, coal dust etc.

  8. Years ago when our Siamese cat was a young-un and was still allowed outside, I opened the door for her one day and said "Crystal, go get me a bird".
    Wasn't two minutes later she returned to the back door with a damn bird in her mouth! I pried it loose from her grasp and the bird got away unscathed. She, of course, was disappointed.

  9. I was about 10, and my oldest brother and his buddy with a farm came into our little town, riding horses. The buddy's horse stepped onto my bare foot ( it was summertime) and just stayed there. I don't think it could feel my tiny foot, but I felt his. I finally had to punch the horse on his hip, before he lifted his foot off of mine. I didn't break any bones, since I was in the soft grass, but the top of my foot was tore up and filthy. I went into the house and soaked it in soapy water, then epsom salt. I ended up wearing my tennis shoes, Red Ball Jets for the rest of the summer, even in the river.
    My uncle came out to his mini barn, and saw a squirrel inside with the blind staggers. Come to find out, it had been eating a bag of green walnuts my uncle had just picked up, and laid down onto a bad of fertilizer for his lawn. When the squirrel ate the walnuts,he also ate some of the fertilizer. It has been a long time ago, but I am pretty sure that my uncle put the squirrel out of it's misery, not thinking it would recover from something like that. Plus,I know that squirrels will damage your mini barn, or even your house.


    1. They WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING including garages. I WILL KILL EVERY ONE I can.

  10. #2--stop playing with your food, kid.
    --Tennessee Budd

  11. #3 is a perfect shot. No waste. THAT is the way I was taught to shoot anyway


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