Thursday, January 14, 2021

Climate change, my ass - how about poor forest management?

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP/CBS13) — Wildfire smoke accounted for up to half of all health-damaging small particle air pollution in the western U.S. in recent years as warming temperatures fueled more destructive blazes, according to a study released Monday. 

Even as pollution emissions declined from other sources like vehicle exhaust and power plants, the amount from fires increased sharply, said researchers at Stanford University and the University of California, San Diego. 

The findings underscore the growing public health threat posed by climate change as it contributes to catastrophic wildfires such as those that charred huge areas of California and the Pacific Northwest in 2020. Nationwide, wildfires were the source of up to 25% of small particle pollution in some years, the researchers said.


  1. As usual these pantywaists lack all historical perspective. In the 1930's some years experienced TEN times the acreage burned as what we have seen in most recent years.

  2. Climate change is always the go to excuse for those who don't do their job properly. In this case maintaining Woodlands and ensuring that fire breaks are kept clear. In the UK waterways have been neglected which has led to flooding. The expanding population in the south has been putting strain on water supplies. Instead of improving our infrastructure, government talking heads blame climate change. Britain no longer has a wet climate apparently. It has of course been raining more or less constantly since the beginning of November.

  3. There's money to be extracted from the peasantry in the constant harping about climate change. Of course, implied is it is man-made therefore can be man-unmade. So fork it over it over like a good subject.

    Tony Heller at RealClimateScience excoriates the true believers in fine fashion.

  4. Exactly - and even though great news (particulate pollution down without being in the Paris accords) - AND we know poor forest management leads to excess brush/fuel leads to the highly destructive crown fires - the left uses their own screw up to push a phony narrative about it being climate change...

    Libs love their circle jerks.

  5. Yes, the climate changes. It's called weather!
    If they really wanted to stop the wildfires they should buy some goats and turn them loose in the forest.

  6. 97% of all climate scientists come up with the conclusion their funding requests. The other 3% didn't show up to work.

  7. "Climate change makes more fires" believers should spend a summer in Northeast and East Texas. Hot. Hot. And no more fires now than 70+ years ago. And why does the world still have jungles, if hot weather causes fires? Yeah, I know. Using facts vs. funding never works.


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