Friday, January 01, 2021


 Full Concert from One Big Wag 2012

VIDEO HERE (1 hour, 58 minutes)


  1. I enjoy Hank II. Hank III is a bit out of my comfort level.

  2. That guy puts on a damn good show. If you get a chance to see him don't miss out.

  3. Well, looks like he's entertaining as heck, but I wouldn't be able to take it for more than five minutes.

    I guess he would've been one of the kids Hank Junior was singing to at the campsite across from mine a thousand years ago somewhere up in the mountains near Mammoth Lakes. I was acting as Hemingway advisor to my neophyte fly fisherman friend. Kept having to move away from Hank and the kids with their bobbers and noise all day, but Hank made it up to us every night. We could drift off to sleep in our tent with him singing lullabies out there in the night.

    Heh. I guys this on is still scaring the trout away.

  4. I love Hank III! I echo his sentiment that "pop country really sucks!" I was trying to put together a classic country band just before covid, and someday after covid I'll be happy to perform "Dick in Dixie" on stage!

    Rusty W


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