Friday, January 15, 2021

Officer with knee to George Floyd's neck to be tried alone

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A former Minneapolis police officer who held his knee to the neck of George Floyd for several minutes will be tried separately from three other former officers accused in his death, according to scheduling orders filed Tuesday. 


  1. I've studied this quite a bit and if the jury is fair and impartial, he will be found innocent of any charges. Then, watch the BLM folks go rampaging again.

  2. He's fucked.
    The other 3 will get negligence charges and disappear.

  3. He'd better hope the autopsy results are admitted as evidence.

    1. And that Floyd is listed as a Kung Flu death.

  4. He'll be a sacrificial lamb to keep the mobs at bay.

  5. Was it here I saw the George Floyd Grill?

  6. I don't know if these four are out on bond or not, but if I were them, I would collect as much cash I could, ditch all forms of electronics, have a lawyer purchase land in Idaho for a fake company, and live off the grid never to have contact with family members.
    They will not get a fair trial, so F' em.

  7. I'll be surprised if the jury has a single white or Asian member.

  8. A minor correction to the linked article:
    * George Floyd was a suicide.

    He inserted a massive overdose of illegal drugs into his colon while consuming a massive amount of alcoholic beverages.

    The LawEnforcementOfficials and medics did everything right, but mister Floyd was determined to suicide.

    As an aside, mister Floyd completed his suicide while committing crimes against his neighbors and against his community.

    I have zero-zero-zero patience with marxists or their MainStreamMedia.


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