Friday, January 22, 2021

Political activity in a surveillance society

Progressive extremists have made clear their intention to silence any and all dissent, up to and including physical violence against those who openly disagree with them. Deplatforming and verbal attacks against conservatives are the norm these days. In some cases, that's extended to mobs threatening their homes, keeping them awake, targeting their families. There have been arson attacks against political offices, and allegedly even against homes.


  1. I have not yet hidden behind an alias, I will not hide behind an alias going forward.
    I ain't hiding from nobody, nobodies hiding from me, more than just words in a song.
    I will say what I like, I will stand by what I say and will often pay the price for my beliefs.

    1. Charlie, you are probably just as well off but in the end it likely won't matter. On the one hand the controllers openly seek and destroy known enemies - even the "former" POTUS is not immune? How does that bode for the rest of us? On the other hand, the harder it is to find you, the more difficult it is to disappear you.

  2. Sounds like times acoming to showing people how to devise objects that multiply one man's efforts.

  3. No real advantage to making yourself a target, Charlie.
    Do you think freedom fighters of the past broadcast who and where they were?


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