Thursday, January 14, 2021

Prosecutors are looking to modify Kyle Rittenhouse's bail conditions

Kyle Rittenhouse may not have broken the conditions of his bail when he was spotted at a bar with his mother, but prosecutors are now trying to modify those conditions because of the episode. 

After posting $2 million bail in November, Rittenhouse, 18, was seen drinking at a bar in Wisconsin, where it is legal to drink in the company of one's parents. That, authorities said, was not a crime. 

But Kenosha County prosecutors on Wednesday said Rittenhouse - charged with killing two people at a Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha last August - wasn't just there with his mom but with members of the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group that has engaged in street violence against anti-racist activists, the Milwaukee television station TMJ4 reported. 

Footage taken from security cameras at Pudgy's Bar also appears to show Rittenhouse flashing the "OK" hand sign favored by white supremacists.


What a crock of shit. This would be laughable if I didn't know they were serious.


  1. Story source; Business Insider. Which itself is a Euro Crock of Shit. Even it's name is fraudulent. It's got nothing to do with business. It's entirely leftist propaganda.
    One of it's shareholders is Bezos, which should tell you everything you need to know.

  2. Well, when prosecutors know that they won't win in court, they try the case in the court of public opinion seeking to sway a potential jury pool before trial begins. Dumb ass prosecutor is playing right into the defense's hands.


    1. The prosecutors might be a little less than worried, given that one of the defense attorneys has been going quite publicly insane of late.

    2. Once Democrats are in control, you can't count on Rittenhouse winning in court, or the court of woke public opinion.

      Forget the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, morality and the law. This is the dawn of the age of political litigation.

      The line to kiss Big Brudda's ass is right over there. Get in it.

  3. Can anyone blame him for keeping in good safe company, the other sides usual suspects wouldn't think twice about taking their twisted version of revenge if he was on his own or only in the company of his parent(s).


  4. I am really surprised he didn't have a "No booze or drugs" clause in his bail conditions to begin with. The judges around here tend to use a boilerplate that always has that in it.

  5. David Allen CoeslawJanuary 14, 2021 at 9:38 AM

    The kid should lam it. He has zero chance of a fair trial, he's going to end up in prison forever just like James Fields.

    1. No, if the Patriot movement were remotely real there would be a team around the kid 24/7 saying "try it fuckers, badge or not badge you die".

      We're so far from that reality this side is a joke.

  6. If Kyle was a little more savvy he would be keeping a mighty low profile. The (P)antifa types wouldnt think twice about knocking him off. "Show the honkeys we fo real" kind of a mindset . It cant help him in court to be seen out partying it up either acting likesome kind of hometown vigelantie hero .

  7. I've been using the "OK" sign as much as possible sisnce they brought the shit up. Flood the market, don'tcha know.

  8. Is he out on bail, Yes.
    Was he in the slammer for a few weeks, yes
    Was he breaking bail conditions, no
    Was he braking any laws, no

    Hey Kyle I’ll buy the nexts round buddy!!
    Hey Kyle’s mom, got any single sisters? Asking for a friend.


  9. Maybe Kyle & his friends are really ready & itching for some pantifa scumbags try it.
    I would be.

  10. The ok sign looks like photoshop- like he's got a tentacle coming out of the middle of his hand. I notice yahoo didn't show it.

  11. maybe the kid is just saying "I'm ok" in the photo. This PC shit needs to be crushed out of existence.

  12. A whole bunch of folk are going to have to invade Minnesotastan to free that boy one of these days .


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