Thursday, January 14, 2021

Your Thursday Morning Florida Report

MOUNT DORA, Fla. – Two men are behind bars after what deputies say was a grave robbery for ritualistic purposes, targeting veterans’ burial sites “because the spirit is much stronger in a hero.” 

The men, 43-year-old Brian Montalvo Tolentino and 39-year-old Juan Burgos Lopez, were arrested in Polk County after deputies said they broke into four separate graves and took body parts from each person inside.


  1. Why not charged with attempted murder...

  2. During their escapade Brian was heard saying to Juan: "Give me a hand".

    1. And the Juan said "I need some head". All jokes aside, those two should get some real jail time. No one should fuck with a Veteran's or any other grave, period.

  3. Little did Juan know that Brian meant something entirely different that night when he said "Let's go out and get some head!"

  4. Behavior is downstream of culture (and religion: Palo Mayombe).
    Some would claim that culture is downstream of biology.

  5. Is this some Santeria or Voodoo shit? The names of the perpetrators point that way.
    This calls for a midnight sacrifice at full moon.


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