Thursday, January 28, 2021

Your Thursday Morning Florida Report

Feral chickens run free in Key West, just one of those things that keep the Southernmost City charmingly weird. 

But what's delightful here and there becomes a nuisance when they're everywhere. With the population getting out of hand, city commissioners are taking action — not by hunting down the fixings for a massive tailgate party, but by going after their human enablers. 

They're making it illegal to feed the free-roaming birds.


  1. I suspect they don't understand the concept of "free-range". The chickens eat whatever they find on the ground, and even if humans don't add to their diet, there's plenty for them to eat.

    Until they introduce a) predators, or b) shotguns, the problem will only get worse.

  2. Article said they destroy property. Just wait until they stop getting handouts, then they will show you property damage. Like any other freeloading group, stop giving to them and they will get mad. This is a teachable moment.

  3. Finally got to visit a couple of years ago. Lot of very colorful beautiful roosters roaming. Rhode Island Red still my favorite rooster though.

  4. The chickens are acting like democrats; getting fat and sassy on free stuff.

  5. Wonder how many of the chicken haters are newbies to Key West?

  6. A good BBQ could take care of the problem quick, fast, and in a hurry.

  7. Oh great. Some unwary tourist's children - who have no knowledge of the law - tosses a french fry at one of those stupid birds and... Cha-Ching! $250.00 fine.

    What could possibly go wrong?

    If one of those critters gets mean, you just wrench its stupid head off and then into the pot with it. Problem solved.

  8. It is pathetic how some non-rural people think, instead of giving the birds a quick death we should let them starve over 3-4months,(ignore all those diseases that weakened birds have which is going to go into the food chain of local cats and dogs and into your home via pets.) The same people deciding this will claim how enlightened and humane they are and are going to tell us all how we should live.


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