Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Your Tuesday Morning Florida Report

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s a luxury home in a gated country club complete with a sparkling pool and nestled between million-dollar properties that back up to a golf course. 

But according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, this glamourous home in Deerwood Country Club was being used as a brothel.


  1. So how is it this woman could run a brothel in a gated community where you have to check in and show ID? Seems to me a horde of single men heading toward a single house would immediately raise suspicion??? Unless the "gate-keeper" was in on the plan.

  2. 1000 yers ago I lived next door to a hooker. Sweet little girl too. We were both on the second floor of a cheap apartment, our bedrooms shared a wall. She had all her john's on a schedule. We could almost set your watch my their commings and goings. We could hear, "clump, clump, clump", up the stairs. Moments later he headboard thumping our shared wall, then 5 minutes of bliss and then "clump, clump, clump" down the stairs. After a while it would begin all over again.


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