Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A little light reading for you this morning

It can taste, smell and sing. It can be a corkscrew, a crowbar or a hypodermic needle. It can stretch up to nine times your body length (if you’re a barnacle); be a detachable tentacle covered in suckers (if you’re an argonaut octopus); or even see, using light-sensing cells that guide it smoothly to its destination (if you’re a Japanese yellow swallowtail butterfly). Or, it can be a limp, fleshy tube, hardly worth writing home about, if you’re a human. 

It is the penis, as you’ll know if you’ve read Phallacy: Life Lessons from the Animal Penis, biologist and journalist Emily Willingham’s recent exploration of phallic diversity across the animal kingdom.


  1. Just another quack trying to bring down the Patriarchy...They aren't even subtle about it anymore...

  2. Read the article's headline, decided, "Nope. Already reached feminist propaganda quota this year."

  3. "Or, it can be a limp, fleshy tube, hardly worth writing home about"

    Guess my ex-wife wrote this article. Sigh.


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