Tuesday, February 02, 2021

And now you know...

Or you can use the Wirecutter method: Shit I'm going to use for sure goes on top, soft shit goes next to my back, shit I may need in an emergency goes in the outer pockets and all the other shit gets crammed in where it fits.



  1. Works great the first day. Then shit has to come out and go back in and that shit doesn't work so well.

  2. Put a clothespin on the back of your pack. When you change socks, hang the wet ones there to dry out.

    1. Also can slip wet gear into Mollie webbing.

      Hate to lose a sock to a briar or limb.

  3. Heck I learned to do this when I was in the Boy Scouts in 1960 before pack frames were popular

  4. And now you know the meaning of the phrase "advisory in nature."

  5. I can alot more in a large Alice pack and still have space for ammo.

  6. One in the the the center of the house.


  7. ...don't forget what the old-timers called a 'possibilities bag'. Contents like 6' of soft mechanics wire, another six feet of sash cord (from a defunct window blind), dozen feet of heavy 20 lb fish line, a couple hooks, a needle with eye big enough to fit the fishline, 3-4 feet of bright marker tape, a few wire ties, a couple nails, hanky or square of cloth, cheap lighter, and if possible, the butt end of a roll of duct tape...


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