Wednesday, February 24, 2021

ATF just classified this semi-auto as a “machine gun”

From Tommybuilt Tactical. I always wanted one of these G36 clones too. Just goes to show the ATF can approve something and then change their mind later on…… 


  1. Soon the atf is gonna classify my single shot 22cal rifle as a multi clipped, magazine fed semi auto machine gun and get away with it. My first rifle I got as a twelve year old and have kept it as a cherished personal heirloom.

  2. Most excellent.
    I am hoping the same determination gets made for bolt actions and single shots next.
    Might be what is needed to wake you brain dead “cops r good guys” fucks the hell up.
    Then again probably not.
    Mr and mrs America
    Get ready to be asked to turn em in.
    Salt in the wound sure stings don’t it

  3. I think the ATF deserves a huge FU for that

  4. This is how Biden/Harris, or should that be Harris/Clinton, will begin their attack on firearm rights. Like they say, a pile of horseshit is made one turd at a time.
    They attack companies like this, or a company that builds 80% receivers and assembles parts to make a gun with some machine work. Or they hit one company of many who build an arm brace to help with the firing of a pistol, while ignoring the dozens of others, knowing that it will serve as a existential threat to them.
    Looking at all of these examples, and maybe extrapolating a few others on top of them, you will note that while the BATFE has abridged our 2nd amendment rights by huge amounts, not a single law has been passed, and not a single television story has hit the air waves clueing the gun owning public as to what is going on, until the next shoe drops.
    The administration won't have to lift a finger. The BATFE will figure out a way to force people to either register their magazines over 10-12 rounds, or turn them in, or maybe some enterprising company will first come up with a method of changing the magazine to make it impossible to accept more than 10 rounds, and then get the administration to tell the BATFE to incorporate that with their ruling. The company of course will be owned by a liberal, who is friends with the left. It really doesn't take a lot of imagination to see how they really will hit our 2nd amendment rights, without actually changing any law or making any new ones. They will just do it by different interpretations of the existing regulations.
    The Republicans in congress don't have much of a say in how the BATFE does their job. It most likely won't even come up, since the Republicans proved the first 2 years of Trump's administration that they had no interest in gun rights. Keep your eyes open, as more bad things are on the horizon.

  5. Sorry, sold mine in a closed and abandoned Shopko parking lot in Wyoming. Or was it Nebraska? It could've been in New Mexico. Well anyway, I don't have it anymore. The buyer? Oh, he was white, or maybe mexican. Could've been black. I dont remember so well, but he was average height, average weight, average build, average complexion, and had kinda wavy but not too curly but not too straight hair of an average length. It was dark and I didn't get a real good look at him. Or her.

    But anyway, I ain't got it and I dont know who does.

    Bye now.


    1. Coward

      They show up asking those questions
      You shoot them in the face.
      Then go visit their family’s.

    2. And the people who sent them.

  6. Don't own one, but my immediate thought was "Fuck that." How does ATF have classification authority? A quick look at the NFA showed nothing in authority, but it is a lonngg read. How are ATF rulings overturned?

  7. Ex post facto -- making illegal a past event or product.

    I owned a duplex in 1976, but never tested the building for asbestos/mold/deplorables.
    Can I be charged under a 2021 'law' making my decades-earlier inactivity illegal?
    Well, they can try...

  8. Criminals notably unaffected...

  9. Send the "modest" $225 conversion invoice to the ATF.

  10. You ain't seen nuthin' yet, kiddies.
    This is going to be every alphabet .gov agency in existence, from agriculture to zoology, having waited for the last 4 years to get even with us serfs for electing Trump.
    Representative government & accountability, you say?
    What's that? You think we're going to vote any of them out of office now?


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