Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Can a ‘Woke’ American Military Protect the United States?

The recent revelation that a senior Navy task force is proposing an oath to be taken by every member of the Navy was a warning of how deep woke-think has penetrated American institutions – even the Defense Department. 

Consider this pledge proposed by Task Force Navy One, which was formed in June to develop strategies to combat discrimination in the Navy:


  1. That's the whole idea, Kenny - make the military incapable of protecting us from outside threats, all the while preparing to point them at us.

  2. Sure, they can berate, hector, and nag any opponent on the planet into submission.

  3. At this point what difference does it make.....

    The Republic went on life support Nov. 4th 2020 and the plug was pulled on 1-6-2021, she just lingered until the 20th...A Post Republic World now and anything can happen or not.
    A wise man said long long ago, a standing Army is a Bane to Liberty. A New Clearer Options are needed for all forms of the State's Militia's or Liberty will stay in Peril! Local, Local, LocaL.


  4. June!
    Assuming that was June 2020 then this was developed under that fraud Trump.
    Oh but joe and the hoe will get the blame from “conservative” types.
    The game is us v them
    We are losing

    1. "We are losing"

      Not at all. Quite the contrary, the future for our people has never been brighter. We always rise to a challenge, and on the scale of problems our ancestors had to face, this one probably wouldn't even be in the top ten.

  5. My money is on many military leaving service which will open it up to Pudding Cup Joe announcing the expedited pathway to citizenship for illegals. Once they are ensconced, all bets are off so no, I don’t think we can count on the military - mainly because enough of them hate us now.

  6. One time years ago I was a manager working on a very advanced fighter program and during the development phase it was having weight issues as new designs are prone to do. I got into a conversation about the subject with the (selected for diversity) Director of Engineering on the program and her idea to solve the weight issue was to take the gun out. To be fair, an air superiority fighter is mostly for missile engagements but you always need that gun for when nothing else works. Bullets don't rely on radar, heat, or any other signature. They just go where you send them. It still has the gun.

  7. Amazes me how these simpering impersonations of real human beings can come up with new words to describe non-existent problems. Intersectionality WTF!

    I think there's going to be whole host of people submitting their walking papers.


    1. Other "woke" terms that you may want to grok are:
      You will likely not get the current social definition of these in a casual search.
      As an example, many corporations are both converged as well as pozzed. The DoD fits this mold. The terms that are explicitly negative, you may need to go find them in context at 4chan/pol.
      It is imperative that normal humans gain an understanding of the terms and meanings of the new wokist regime. This does not mean by learning th eterms that one approves of them, but if you do not understand what the hell they are on about, that really does not help you navigate the cultural/political terrain.
      Try this to start:

  8. Maybe the line officers and grunts will just lie their asses off and learn to sling the new jargon as well as they did the old jargon.


  9. I would think any service member that took this new oath would need to be removed from the military. You cannot take oaths that contradict the one you have already taken. When you pledge to defend the US Constitution, you are pledging to defend freedom of speech, for one, and this crap is the exact opposite!

  10. Can a ‘Woke’ American Military Protect the United States?"

    From what?

  11. As the saying goes: What We Need is a Good War.


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