Friday, February 26, 2021

For the sins of their mother (and father)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Crystal and Chris Jackson just received word Sunday night that their three sons are not allowed to attend Sacramento's Sacred Heart Parish School anymore, and they said it's all because of Crystal's online presence as a model on the adult, membership-based website OnlyFans.


SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The scandal is expanding involving young kids kicked out of Sacred Heart Parish Catholic school because of their mom’s nude videos online.

A total of five kids have been kicked out of school. Two of them are the children of the Sacred Hearts Athletic Director, Richard Levin, who is now off the job because of his connection to the sexual online videos.


What about the kids of the parent that turned her in? It's acceptable to the Catholic school for somebody to view the site, but not to have a page there?


  1. Not sure about the other stuff, all I know is Crystal needs to come over for her spanking ASAP.

  2. Any school righteous enough to complain should be righteous enough not to view that site and therefore righteous enough not to be aware of the problem.

    1. Exactly! I tjought the same when I firsr heard about this story. Seems another dad saw her profile then made a complaint to the school. Yet, he has suffered no backlash from the school for his lusting. Goes to show double standards run deep and wide. Thus lady needs to "Corano" the school.

  3. Hi Kenny!!,
    I would say,"With kids in 'Catholic School' they should have known!!" But then again... after all ... fotos in the grocery store.. get real!! Welcome to "Catholic Cancel Culture!!! No 5 hail mary's and bless yourself with holy water and you are forgiven..... they probably want the mother to "DOUCHE!!!" with the stuff before they will even talk to her again!!!! After all...
    Remember back in the 60's the Bumper sticker craze... among other's... "I SURVIVED CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!!" actually ... "NOBODY" Survived Catholic School.... "WE" are all "WALKING WOUNDED!!"

    As ridiculous as this "CCC" attempt sounds.. I have heard of Mother Superior calling all the pubescent girls into her office, having them "drop their panties" and inspecting them for a "Tampon string check!!!!" ... after all!! TAMPONS ARE A"NO-NO!!!!"

    Welcome to 2021!!!,

  4. Woof. She's hot. Maybe she should switch from the draconian Mackerel Snapper religion to the less-restrictive 36B Yarmulke one.

  5. Organized religion is dead to me....

  6. funny how it's never brought up how these fukers know about this page. two faced assholes

  7. Just one more example of the snowflake culture rules for thee but not for me.


  8. For $150,000 a month, just hire a tutor and homeschool the kids. I mean damn, that's some money. If my wife could bring in that much, I'd retire and teach the kids myself.

  9. A few years down the road, those kids will realize the day they got kicked out of Catholic school was the best day of their lives.

  10. "What about the kids of the parent that turned her in? It's acceptable to the Catholic school for somebody to view the site, but not to have a page there?"

    To quote Lord George from "The Gentlemen": They facilitate; they don't participate.

  11. Why does anybody give a shit what a Catholic school in Sacramento does? Nobody has a "right" to attend. At $150,000 a month, the parents can send their kids just about anywhere else, or even hire one of those high-priced tutors.

    It's just another "media event" where the stupid "journalists" are trying to drum up controversy where there is none.

  12. Lots of highly aerobic jumping to conclusions here, and arch little 'gotcha' comments about how shitty Catholics are, and how good Christians wouldn't have known about OnlyFans. On behalf of the Christians who read here and aren't saying anything...

    If you're paying to put your children into a private Christian school, you want your kids to have a good education, and have good examples of appropriate behavior. It's not being hypocritical or a snowflake to expect the other parents to do their part and behave as Christian adults.

    No scripture-based Christian school would be comfortable with that couple as part of their parent group. They are not Christian, nor do they want to be. Their actions speak louder than their words.

    The school tried to leave them alone until the attention-seekers made international news. And now, the attention-seekers are amping up their "poor little us" stories to increase traffic to her site.

    Crystal Jackson 'gains confidence' by having strangers pay to look at her in lingerie, sometimes BDSM gear. Fine.
    Chris Jackson, her husband, is okay with this. In fact, he helps her with the photos. You can say her husband likes knowing that strangers stare at her, you can say her husband likes the money she brings in. Fine.

    You can also say that Crystal's too insecure to realize that her husband is pimping her out.

    Regardless. It's not Christian behavior. It's not even being good parents, to know that your boys will someday realize their friends' dads are staring at their own mom in sexy underwear.

    I'm actually surprised at some of your comments. There has to be a standard set, a line held. Some of you are all big talk about 'going to guns' and 'holding the line' when it comes to politics and the 2nd Amendment, but you're weak as hell when it comes to defending our actual society - which is Christian-based and mostly white built. But go on, have a good time with your 'anything goes' talk. It's not how our nation was built. It's not how our nation will be saved.



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