Tuesday, February 23, 2021

"Fuck you, I work for the gubmint"

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) Driving by without stopping or not answering their questions. That was the most significant issue many people in the Nations said they had with their mail delivery. Some of the homeowners tell News4 that they have had this issue for over a year. 

Homeowners reached out to our Call 4 Action team to express their concerns and frustrations with the post office. 

In a video obtained by News4, you can see a mail carrier not stopping at multiple mailboxes.


  1. My carrier has a small vehicle and is often unable to load all mail/packages for the route (so they say). Instead of getting my package in my mailbox or dropped at the house, I'll get a note saying the package was left at the post office at the customer's request. (WTF?) So I have to make the drive into town to the local post office and deal with the extremely slow line of people more concerned with bullshitting than doing business. I'm paying for package delivery to my house, not the local post office. As for letter mail, some monthly bills arrive very late, often just days before they are due. Some bills never arrive which requires me having to contact the company/vendor for the amount(s) due. Overall, I just assume the post office is still backlogged with China Joe and The Hoe ballots in addition to the fact the employees just don't give a damn.

  2. Our normal rural carrier is good. She will go out of her way to deliver to the gate, if there's a box too big to fit in the mailbox. She will also actually LOOK at the names and addresses, and tries to make sure things get delivered to the right person, even if the sender can't spell.
    Unforunately, she's also due to retire in a couple years.
    The substitute / replacement drivers are all over the board. None know anyone on the route.
    Some try. Some steal. One has her husband/boyfriend follow to take "interesting" looking packages back out of the mailboxes.
    We've actually had to report stuff as stolen to force the replacements to deliver things; the package is mysteriously "found" and delivered at 8pm that night by personal vehicle.
    Local postmaster refuses to address these issues.

  3. As shown in the video, there are cards parked in front of many of the mailboxes. The USPS will not deliver mail if the box is blocked.
    Still appears they are being jerks in other scenes.

  4. I had a package delivered by the Post Office a couple weeks ago. The postal person put the package in front of my garage door. Not expecting it to be placed there, I went out to do some errands in my vehicle and drove over the package. Luckily, there wasn't anything breakable inside.

    As to the vid, I think the Post Office has a rule exempting carriers from having to deliver to post boxes that are blocked by anything that they can't drive to within arms reach. I know that where I used to live, if you didn't clear snow back two car lengths from your curbside post box, you didn't get mail.


  5. My town does not get personal mail delivery. Instead, every home gets a free PO box. Amazon, et al are of course the exception. It's actually kind of nice, as people walk their dogs and kids to the Post Office, which is about four blocks for me. Love that small town feelze.

  6. The USPS is going to kill itself. Its run, at the upper levels, by the lazy special race cultural enrichers. So what the hell do you expect. The workers in the back? They just get a bad attitude because of the the shitty leadership.

  7. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's unreasonable for the carrier to skip those boxes that are blocked by parked cars. The residents know - or should know - not to do that.

  8. We've had a real problem with Amish stealing mail from the only blue collection box for our 1,500 home neighborhood. I've personally "lost" several pieces of outgoing mail, including bills. There's no notice...when the box has been bent and compromised, the P.O. will remove the box, so you'll go to drop off your mail and Poof! no box! Then if we're lucky a week or two later we'll get another box that's a little harder to get into. Fucking thieves!

  9. Can't wait for the government union based jobs program to go tits up for good. How is it I can get better service for the same or less money from other carriers? They suck. They know they suck. They know we know they suck. And they know that we know that that they know that they suck. And they take it out on us. I will revel in their implosion.


  10. I make an exception for rare blockages, such as funerals, wedding showers, construction workers, but if I can't drive up and drive away, no. You're just making extra work (along with dozens of others) for me, when I have not just management, but GPS and a computer program watching every second of my day. The video shoes several houses in a row, all of em with plenty of space in the driveway. They had a choice, and it was to purposely make someone's life harder. The norm is to first place an informational card with a diagram, and explanation of the regs. Second is a letter,signed by the PM. These people have gotten those, and are playing victim.


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