Friday, February 05, 2021

Jerry Garcia High - it has a nice ring to it

We learned this week that the San Francisco School Board voted 6-1 to rename 44 schools around the city over “racist” namesakes, of historical figures in U.S. history from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln to Paul Revere to U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein. The school board claimed the change was needed due to calls from a small minority of people in the city who believed the namesakes were “slave owners, had a part in slavery and genocide, were part of human rights violations, or were known racists or white supremacists.” 

This unleashed a storm of controversy. 


  1. Commies and muslims destroy real history and make the new fit their narrative. Way to go you fucktards

  2. I'm sure they're suggesting Garcia because someone else owns the rights to Pol Pot High and Che Guevara Poly Tech

  3. Jeremiah Jeffries, “The man behind the renaming of 44 of San Francisco’s schools is a first grade teacher who was influenced by his parents – both prominent members of the Nation of Islam – who set up their own Islamic school,” and did his research on Wikipedia.

    You just can't make this stuff up, can you?

  4. Given how many San Francisco politicians fellated the guy, there had better be at least one Reverend Jim Jones school. He was a commie and hated whitey - I can't see how they can turn it down.

  5. I actually got high with Jerry Garcia once....

    1. I got stoned with dr hook and the medicine show. The had no weed, I did.

  6. The only one on that list I agree with is Diane Feinstein.
    How DARE she, even for just one single second to be bipartisan and give Lindsey Graham a hug.
    A blowjob would have been fine though and could have made her VP, but no, she had to be human.

  7. I vote for communist martyrs High School.

  8. Katy Grimes -- journalist for freedom, liberty, truth.


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