Friday, February 05, 2021

Less Than One Percent of 1,200 Reported Racial Incidents in Last Five Years at Michigan State Were Valid

It sounds like the bias reporting system is being abused a little bit. Who could have predicted that would happen? 

Campus Reform reports:


  1. It’s ALL on Barry.

    Every Damn Bit.

  2. Here’s another one:
    Cops published the dash cam video of the encounter which refuted the “racist cop” claim made by one of those worthless bastards. Of course, the perp went to “social media” to play “victim”.

  3. While I did see some racism and sexism while working for the state of Michigan, a fair amount of it came from the demographic that tended to cry "racism". I saw accusations of "racism" totally derail any disciplinary actions. Another odd thing, if you dont like working for women DONT WORK IN SOCIAL SERVICES.

  4. He was a National Treasure:


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