Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mo. State Lawmakers Push Forward 2nd Amendment Protections

In Missouri’s fight to protect gun laws, Camden County has become the state’s first Second Amendment sanctuary county. 

The Second Amendment Preservation Act, which is currently before the state Senate, will aim to invalidate federal restrictions on responsible gun ownership. This would include tracking sales taxes and prohibitions on possessing, owning or transferring firearms.


  1. let's just go ahead and call a secession vote. I applaud the state lawmakers for using their voice,but making another law to stop an agenda that disregards the law (constitution) is like saying I'll kill the fox if it eats my chickens. The fox will eventually eat your chickens so kill the damn thing now

  2. Why do we need any laws? The ones on the books are null as the .gov cant legally restrict any. Four little words spell it out, “shall not be infringed “. Why is that so hard to understand. And some silly agency making a regulation is not LAW. Laws come from Congress. But here we are, what a fine mess it is.

  3. Unless the state law FORCES local LEO and courts to arrest, charge, try and imprison Federal agents who violate the state laws while enforcing unconstitutional federal laws this is a pointless waste of time. And without doubt some black robed pirate on a Federal bench will summarily rule these state laws null and unenforceable....again requiring state LEO and courts to act by arresting, charging and imprisoning the Federal judges. Sorry but that is just not going to happen.

  4. I'll give them props. Its a start. Its something. Does more than beating off in the comments section of a blog will ever accomplish.


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