Friday, February 26, 2021

The Second Korean War: A Forgotten Conflict 1966 - 1969

 The story of the forgotten 'Second Korean War', that occurred along the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea between 1966-69, which resulted in many US casualties in sometimes intense engagements with communist infiltrators.

VIDEO HERE  (17:32 minutes) Jump ahead to the 1:05 mark to begin the video.


  1. Remember it well. I was in Nam and rumor was 3/1 might ship to Korea. I remember GI's talking about writing home for warm clothes. Then the whole thing passed as quickly as it came.

  2. I was in Osan air base S. Korea, rotated home in 9 66. Brother was near the DMZ in a Hawk missile base, he returned to the US in March 66.
    Fortunately we missed the "fun"

  3. I was at Osan AB for the whole of 1969 and Jan 1970. I was there for the EC121 incident and was sure we were going to war. I remember thinking that I had literally dodged a bullet by being sent to Korea instead of VietNam until that plane was shot down. I was way too young and stupid to know that I was part of a massive build up in preparation for a perceived future war. Thank God it didn't happen.

  4. Friend of mine was in Korea about that time, a guard on the DMZ.....he said they couldn't fire on an intruder until they shouted "Halt or I'll shoot" 3 times in Korean, three times in English, and then firing 3 shots over their heads, which was quickly changed to shoot the bastard, yell halt or I'll shoot 3 times in Korean and 3 times in English, and then firing 3 shots over their dead bodies....

  5. My friend got a Purple Heart in 'Nam. Got a similar wound during the "Korean Incident" but not awarded another P.H. His C.O. said they were only giving them to those who died. I've never been able to confirm this. Anyone know the real story?

  6. Lots of them brought their Korean wives back home with them. I knew many of them. Worked with several. It took some doing but the Korean wives proved to be better Americans then many of the American wives did at the time.


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