Friday, March 05, 2021

"babies start to become racist at just three months of age"

The Arizona Department of Education has crafted an "equity" toolkit designed to teach critical race theory to children, offering a number of recommended readings on the topic. 

The toolkit teaches, among other things, that babies start to become racist at just three months of age. The toolkit insists that babies must be spoken to about race, as "letting children draw their own conclusions based on what they see" leads to racism. It is unclear how allowing children to think for themselves leads to racism.


  1. "It is unclear how allowing children to think for themselves leads to racism."

    Simple: thinking for oneself is part of "Whiteness".

  2. The cocksuckers spreading this filth should meet their demise like this

    Chutes Magoo

  3. Three months old eh? I believe Piaget would tell them to fuck off. As in impossible.

  4. I believe if a child isn't brainwashed about racism (like where the commies whitewash negroes) a child will make their own decisions about others that are not their same race.

  5. I hate reading that kind of bullshit. WHen I was 6, I only knew one black kid. His dad worked at the same place that my dad worked. At that time, I just thought he had a really awesome tan.

  6. Seriously, anyone with half a brain HAS to be able to see the propaganda and manipulation..
    And if you can't, fuck'em, human race is better off w/o those genes in the pool.

  7. BULLSHIT!!!At three months the only thing a baby is thinking about is a nipple...

  8. Same age as gender confusion, huh?
    Sorry, did I roll my eyes too loud?

  9. Anybody pushing this bullshit needs an appointment with the guillotine....

  10. BTW, the game of pool is being cancelled.....seems the white ball is pushing the colored balls around....

  11. I live in the middle of New Mexico. I am surrounded by Injun* reservations. It is amazing and amusing when people who have not lived among them say "that's rayyy-sis'" when people who have lived among them all their lives describe behaviors and attitudes they have seen all their lives.

    *their pronoun of choice

    1. Know exactly what you're talking about. Lived around them for 4 years and that was enough.

  12. More bullshit from the racist retards in our so-called education system


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